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      TH 614 / 620

      Scrap in its best form!

      The TH Standard series is designed for processors requiring throughput rates of more than 80 kg per hour or more than 200 kg per day. Highly compact briquettes are possible with this sturdy press housing with materials such as; wood, polystyrene, foam, light alloy, paper or biomass. Numerous options available to include; oil cooling allowing multi-shift operation. All machines available as left or right-hand design. Mounting on a sturdy base frame ensures rapid installation and possible mobile use. The extra large hoppers (1400 x 1400 mm / 2000 x 2000 mm) allow high material loading and enlarge the buffer volume.


      Papier-Recycling in North Carolina

      WEIMA WLK 13 shredder and a TH 714 briquette press recycle paper and tissue productions


      Shredders and briquette presses, connected with a screw conveyor

      Holzspäne Briketts Austrag

      Wood chip briquetting


      Stay warm: WEIMA wood briquettes

      WEIMA TH 514 briquette press compacts wood dust into dense briquettes with a diameter of 50 mm


      Briquette length control sensor

      Holz Brikett Austrag Brikettierpresse
      Trichter mit Rührwerk einer Brikettierpresse

      Hopper with agitator and screw auger


      Briquetting cigarette filter papers

      A WEIMA TH 714 briquette press briquettes scrap from the production of cigarettes


      Hydraulic oil cooling

      Doppelkühlung für Öl auf Hydrauliktank
      Buchse für Brikettierung

      Pressing chamber wear sleeve


      Paper dust briquetting

      A WEIMA TH 820 briquette press produces briquettes made from paper/cellulose filter dust

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