WEIMA with Destroy Responsibly on Wood fair in Las Vegas

Destroy Responsibly™

WEIMA Sustainability Program Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Making events greener

Our Destroy Responsibly™ program has made tradeshows more environmentally sound by providing an on-site shredding system at industry events where substantial waste is generated.

Logo of WEIMA's Destroy Responsibly sustainability campaign

What is the Destroy Responsibly™ program about?

Audrey Brewer, Marketing Manager, and Madison Burt, VP of Sales at WEIMA America, talk about the history, goals and characteristics of the recycling initiative and their partnership with the AWFS tradeshow.


“Recycling isn’t just about putting an empty aluminum can in a recycling bin, though that’s important, too. It’s also about finding creative solutions for the scrap we generate during the manufacturing process.”

Audrey Brewer, Marketing Manager at WEIMA America


Long-term partnership

Since 2011, WEIMA has partnered with AWFS to continue the recycling program at each tradeshow, and they plan to continue the Destroy Responsibly™ program into AWFS Fair 2021 and beyond!


Not just for woodworking

The on-site tradeshow recycling program expanded into the plastics industry at NPE2018, an international plastics exposition that is held every three years in Orlando, Florida. WEIMA partnered with Tampa-based Commercial Plastics Recycling, Inc. (CPR) and PLASTICS (formerly the Society of Plastics Industry) to collect, sort, stage, and grind the scrap.


Plastic recycling ambitions at the NPE tradeshows

A WEIMA two-stage shredding system were installed in a tent outside of the Orange County Convention Center to tackle the on-site plastic waste that was generated during the show. This system was comprised of a WEIMA WLK 15 single-shaft shredder and an LM granulator, connected with infeed conveyors and discharged using an air system.

The Destroy Responsibly™ program truly shows WEIMA’s core values in action. The program advocate for responsible manufacturing practices by diverting waste from landfills. It encourages companies to think about what they’re producing and how they can do that in a more environmentally friendly way. In a world where resources are finite, it’s important to integrate recycling in every possible sector of society, including manufacturing.


History in the making | First steps

In 2008, WEIMA America was approached by the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) with a problem, followed by an idea. The biennial tradeshow hosts woodworkers and woodworking machinery manufacturers to a week-long industry expo in Atlanta, Georgia. As those companies demonstrate their machinery on the show floor throughout the week, wood waste is generated in bulk. The IWF team was looking for ways to divert some of that wood waste from going to the local landfill after each show. Transporting that waste off-site cost them a significant amount of money and did nothing to benefit the environment. So, they called WEIMA.


Recycling in numbers

By incorporating a shredding system in such a public forum, WEIMA wanted to demonstrate to companies that green technology doesn’t have to be a drain on an operation’s bottom line. In fact, reducing the number of dumpsters or trucks that are transported from their facility means lower disposal costs.

Are you also looking for ways to recycle your scrap right at your event? Contact us: info@weima.com

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