Presses for compacting empty packaging and production waste

Both the production process and the use of packaging generate waste. In both cases, these waste mountains take up valuable storage space. Often the potential for volume reduction remains unrecognized. With WEIMA presses you can compress spray cans, tubular bag packaging and many types of sheet metal packaging into handy compacted disks. This relieves your intralogistics and creates space for the essential: your products.

Presses for compacting empty packaging and production waste Presses for compacting empty packaging and production waste Presses for compacting empty packaging and production waste
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Leverage optimization potential: Reduce volume of packaging waste and unfilled containers

Learn more about the economic use of packaging and production waste

Create space: With WEIMA presses of the E. series you simplify the waste handling of your intralogistics and reduce transport and disposal costs.


Material diversity in compaction

The material variety of a WEIMA press knows no limits. With it you can press many types of tin packaging (beverage cans, spray cans, tins, food packaging), tubular bags, PET bottles, yoghurt cups, tubes and canisters. Furthermore, compacted discs can be produced from dry production waste.

Compacted disks of plastic bottles

Compacted PET bottles

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Sustainable disposal of disposable packaging

Packaging material designed for single use accounts for a steadily increasing share of our waste volume. With WEIMA presses you can easily compress paper packaging such as coffee cups, disposable cutlery and plates. The recycling process can begin.

Recycling of paper packaging such as plates, cups and cutlery with WEIMA machinery

Paper packaging


Reduction of fast food packaging waste

In Germany, approximately 350,000 tons of waste (source: NABU) are generated annually by disposable tableware and to-go packaging, around a third of which is generated in fast food restaurants and snack bars. The space required for intermediate storage in bags or containers is enormous. Processing with system solutions from WEIMA provides a solution.

Waste from fast food packaging such as McDonalds and Burger King

Fast food packaging waste


Advantages of using WEIMA presses

  1. High degree of compaction
  2. Maximum volume reduction
  3. Destruction of the deposit seal
  4. Saving expensive disposal costs
  5. Low maintenance and low-wear press technology
  6. Resistant to foreign materials
  7. Flexible use and integration into existing systems
  8. The machine is delivered pre-installed and ready to plug in
  9. Individual adaptation to customer needs

Beer can compressing with a WEIMA E.200 press @Saint Arnold Brewing Company

At Saint Arnold Brewing Company they use a WEIMA E.200 press to compact their unusable beer cans from their production.


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Compressed food cans

Compacted disc of food cans

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