aluminum chips from metal processing machine

Presses for drainage and compression of shavings

During machining (turning, milling, drilling) of metals and plastics, significant amounts of residual material accumulate over time. The large volume of swarf balls occupies valuable storage space and makes handling difficult. The often still adhering coolants, emulsions or oil make their disposal time-consuming and expensive.

With the help of the WEIMA C.200 chip press, the drainage and compression of loose shavings is possible in only one automated work step.

The best thing about it: The compact machine can be placed directly alongside the machining center at the swarf conveyor. The volume of residual material is significantly reduced. Pressed-out coolant can be recycled.

Presses for drainage and compression of shavings Presses for drainage and compression of shavings Presses for drainage and compression of shavings
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Our bestsellers for chip applications

These drainage presses are currently particularly popular.

Swarf presses for metal waste and plastic residues

From CNC machining

Dewatering of CNC machine chips and turning chips

A WEIMA C.200 press dewaters milling chips and turned parts from CNC machines at Dietrich Feindrehteile in Germany.


The challenge: Voluminous mountains of shavings

Overfilled tilting containers. Chips and coolants on the floor of the production hall. Annoyed employees. In many metalworking companies, this all too often still describes everyday life on the production lines. WEIMA has developed an economical solution to this problem.

Loose metal swarf aside metal turning machine

Metal chips next to CNC machine

Voluminous pile of metal chips in a container

Loose metal swarf pile

Big pile of metal turnings in a container

Metal shavings pile


The solution: WEIMA chip press

Eliminate your machining waste at the place where it is generated: at the processing machine. Installation and commissioning is simple and convenient. Roll the machine under the chip conveyor. Plug in. Switch on. Press.

Get your expensive coolant back!

Draining and compressing of metal chips with WEIMA C.200 chip press

WEIMA C.200 chip press next to CNC milling center


Compression of the shavings up to 1:10 possible

The compact discs have a diameter of 200 mm and have only a very low residual moisture after draining and compressing. Pressed-out liquids can be returned to the cooling or lubrication circuits. Depending on the material, a volume reduction by a factor of 10 can be achieved.

Compacted steel swarf

Pressed steel turnings

PUEHLER disc made of metal chips after compaction

Compacted metal shavings


Can also be used for plastic, paper and wood applications

With the WEIMA press you do not only compact different types of metal chips. It is also suitable for the dewatering of plastic residues - for example from a washing plant.

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