woman in front of a weima shredder
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shredding + compressing

Recycling starts here.

WEIMA stands for active environmental protection and for robust shredding technology "Made in Germany". Our machines lay the foundation for a resource-efficient future and are at the beginning of many recycling loops. That's what makes us proud.

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Industrial Shredders, Briquetters & Drainage Presses from WEIMA

Designed and manufactured in Germany

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For over 40 years, we have produced shredding technology for large industry and small craftsman shops alike.

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Did you know?

WEIMA shreds materials like wood, plastic, paper, metal, and waste into a homogenous size.

Valuable scrap

Shredded scrap is used for the production of new raw materials.

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Industrial Shredders, Briquetters & Drainage Presses from WEIMA

Designed and manufactured in Germany

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Waste materials at their best. We turn paper, biomass, wood, and metal into highly compressed briquettes.

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Did you know?

By briquetting waste material, you can reduce the volume by up to 90 percent.

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Industrial Shredders, Briquetters & Drainage Presses from WEIMA

Designed and manufactured in Germany

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Sustainable drainage and compaction of production waste

Draining + compacting

With these presses, WEIMA offers sustainable system solutions for the disposal and recycling of labels, packaging and rework material.

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Did you know?

We drain filled and empty packaging such as plastic bottles and cans, TetraPaks, and bottle labels.

Recycling instead of waste

We recommend separating packaging from contents with WEIMA presses and recycling instead of costly disposal as hazardous waste.

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Industrial Shredders, Briquetters & Drainage Presses from WEIMA

Designed and manufactured in Germany

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We care.

Maintenance. Repair. Spare parts.

To ensure that your WEIMA, now and in the future, lacks nothing, WEIMA Service supports you from installation to inspection and maintenance to repair of your system.

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Industrial Shredders, Briquetters & Drainage Presses from WEIMA

Designed and manufactured in Germany


WEIMA sustainability program celebrates 10 years of successful recycling

Making events greener. Our Destroy Responsibly™ program has made tradeshows more environmentally sound by providing an on-site shredding system at industry events where substantial waste is generated.

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WEIMA at a glance

years of experience
machines sold
Numbers. Data. Facts. We are a mid-sized family-owned company based in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. Our core competencies are the shredding and compacting of all kinds of waste. WEIMA machines turn big into small again. Together with our customers, we lay the foundation for a world without (unused) waste.

New customer installations

With annually more than 1,200 machines delivered worldwide, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. For this reason, we have put together a selection of the most exciting current projects for you.
weima shredder filled by forklift with hdpe pipe offcuts
orange WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder with a tilting table at Unilin in Belgium
Orange red weima powerline 3000 shredder in australia with conveyor belt
orange weima shredder next to conveyor belt inside hall for municipal waste treatment (MSW)
WEIMA WL4 Shredder in joinery
WEIMA WLK 1500 Shredder at Palaplast
weima shredder outside in front of air extraction system and truck container
orang weima shredder in production hall with conveyor belt
orange weima shredder with conveyor belts and hydraulic drive power pack in south korea
WEIMA Wood Shredder at British Recycling company
dust extraxction system with orange weima shredder
orange red weima plastic shredder with conveyor belts in production hall in england
green weima wood strips shredder with container underneath
three weima employees with yellow warning vests in front of an orange weima shredder
orange red weima shredder with conveyor belts in belgium
four persons in front of a weima shredder in mexico
red orange weima shredder wlk 10 with conveyor belts in romania production hall
two yellow weima waste shredder in egypt
Blue weima metal briquette press next to loose steel turnings
Shredding of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic scrap with a WEIMA WLK 30 Super Jumbo shredder
WEIMA FineCut single-shaft shredder pre-shreds plastic for inhouse recycling
WEIMA S7.25 lift-up single-shaft shredder at customer site shreds plastic waste
Newly installed WEIMA WLK 4 plastic shredder inside Zaplas production hall
Two WEIMA employees next to WEIMA PUEHLER press E.200 in America
Industrial waste shredding in South Korea with WEIMA shredder
Feeding of WEIMA PowerLine 3000 single-shaft shredder in Morocco
Shredding plastic hangers with WEIMA WLK 4
TH 800 M Aluminiumpresse in Schweden
Plastika Kritis shredder WEIMA PreCut 3000 with wheel loader
WKS 1800 shredder for corrugated paper and cardboard scrap
Post-consumer plastic waste shredding Denmark with WEIMA shredders
Circuit boards shredding with WEIMA WKS 2200 shredder
WKS 2200 shredders grind wood waste in Vietnam
PowerLine 3000 single-shaft shredder from WEIMA
WEIMA WLK 18 Jumbo wood grinder shreds plywood production waste in France
Plastic film recycling with WEIMA Shredder and EREMA extruder
Commercial waste shredder from WEIMA in Cambodia
Municipal waste shredding from WEIMA in India

      News & Press

      You read it here first

      product image of the new WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder
      March 17, 2023

      LIGNA 2023 | More robust. Lower maintenance. More energy efficient. Grand premiere of the new WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder for waste wood

      For the long-awaited LIGNA 2023 trade show, WEIMA is giving the long-running machine a comprehensive technical update including modern design features. Together with the compact C 150 briquette press, the focus in Hanover will be on sustainable energy generation.

      Read more
      January 25, 2023

      The future needs experts – plastics recycling in Romania

      The Romanian recycling business Expert Recycling uses a W5.18 single-shaft shredder from WEIMA for processing PET, PP, PS, PE, DHPE and PELD material streams. With its help, the company produces high-quality regranulates, films, and waste bags.

      Read more
      orange shredding machien from weima on concrete floor in production hall
      December 12, 2022

      Polymers Processors boost Australia’s plastic recycling capacities

      With the help of a flagship WEIMA PowerLine single-shaft shredder, Polymer Processors in Melbourne has successfully commissioned stage one of their plant upgrade. This adds thousands of tons of plastic recycling capacity to Australia.

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      employee fedding the weima wood chipper manually with wood waste
      November 17, 2022

      Shredding and burning of residual wood with BAFA subsidy

      With a WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder, a sophisticated screw system and a wood chips heating system, the German carpenter Bernd Kreutner uses the own waste wood such as roof battens, offcuts and pallets sustainably to heat the shop buildings.

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      stainless steel weima puehler drainage press inside a production hall
      October 14, 2022

      Recycling of cans and disposal of labels at OeTTINGER using PUEHLER presses from WEIMA

      WEIMA’s PUEHLER presses for removing labels from glass bottles and for recycling cans are operated at several OeTTINGER locations to dewater and compact waste materials in one process step. The challenge: huge production volumes.

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      September 8, 2022

      Doubling Down on Plastics Recycling

      Butler-MacDonald is a plastics recycling specialist which takes great pride in processing hard-to-handle plastic scrap from various sources, including post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. The company recently commissioned its second WEIMA shredder!

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      Apr 2023

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