WL 4

The proven classic with
600 mm rotor length

The WL 4 single-shaft shredder has proven themself to be the classic shredder for wood waste of all kinds, and can be found in thousands of woodworking shops all over the world. The global popularity of this shredder series assures high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio. These machines set themselves apart from other machines of their size and type due to their robust construction, giving them a longer life cycle.


Intuitive operation thanks to Siemens PLC control with touch display

To ensure that the electronics are optimally matched to the machine, we design, build and wire our control cabinets ourselves. We only use high-quality components - for example from Siemens or Rittal. Intuitive touch interfaces guarantee quick adjustments. Functions such as setting the ram cycle or stop ensure a high throughput. The built-in overload protection also prevents defects in the machine.


Precise cut with high throughput with profiled V rotor

The V rotor, specially developed by WEIMA, can be used universally and is made of solid material. Its aggressive material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees high throughput with low power requirements. It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting knives in edge lengths of 30 mm and 40 mm. These can be turned over several times in case of wear, which drastically reduces maintenance costs.


Chopping and heating

The Sucker Holzbau GbR produces a lot of wood waste. With the help of a WL 6 shredder and a wood chip stove, this is used to heat the workshops and offices as well as three single-family houses.


No material bridges due to free-cutting hopper design

The hopper fulfills several tasks at once. First, the material to be shredded is fed through it – manually, mechanically, or by conveyor belt. The generous opening makes it easy to fill even very large parts. A decisive factor for shredding, however, is its special design, which is rounded at the front and thus effectively prevents material bridging. Even with bulky parts, the shredder cuts itself free. If required, hopper extensions and lids with gas pressure springs are available.


Durable rotor bearings thanks to offset design

A rotor bearing must be robustly designed due to the extreme stresses it is subjected to while it’s in operation. To prevent dust or foreign matter from getting inside it, we have set it apart from the machine frame. This also makes it very maintenance-friendly and easy to access.

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WL 4 shreds wood waste at the Kreutner carpentry


Safe material feed with load-controlled ram

The ram, which moves horizontally back and forth via hydraulics, feeds the material to the rotor. With WEIMA, it can be controlled or cycled automatically depending on the load. If required, of course, it can also be controlled manually. For even more aggressive feeding, we recommend additional serrated plates and hold-down device, which also hold bulky and long parts securely in place. A shock valve located on the hydraulic cylinder absorbs any shocks to the drawer, thus ensuring a longer service life.


Homogeneous shredding results thanks to flexible, interchangeable screen

Adapt the screen to your needs. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the shredded material that is discharged. Screens can be exchanged flexibly and are bolted as standard.


Optimally protected hydraulics installed in the machine frame
Integrating the sensitive components of a hydraulic system into the machine frame has many advantages. Not only is it protected from dust, dirt and other external influences such as the weather, but it also makes the machine even more compact in its installation. A separate service opening provides easy access for maintenance.


Clean discharge of material by suction, screw or conveyor belt
Depending on your needs and frame design (elevated machine with conveyor belt cutout or side spout), you have the option of discharging shredded material either by air suction, discharge screw or classic conveyor belt. With experience from many thousands of machines on the market, we are also experts in conveyor technology and can supply you with a turnkey solution from a single source.


WL 4 with hopper extension shreds wood waste at the Ulrich Althoff GmbH


Efficiently absorb vibrations with stable rubber feet

Vibration-damping machine feet ensure a secure footing and help to significantly reduce disruptive vibrations in the surrounding area. Since the machine does not have to be anchored to the ground first, installation is particularly flexible and convenient.


Powerful drive with WEIMA WAP gearboxes

Instead of purchasing standard components, we have been manufacturing our proven WAP gearboxes ourselves in our German production facilities for many years. The in-house development ensures maximum robustness with the highest machine requirements. The electromechanical drive via V-belt and powerful electric motor is also optimally protected against shocks and interference thanks to the built-in vibration damper. This counteracts increased wear and extends the service life of a machine.


WEIMA WL 4 shreds plastic lumps, pipes and scrap


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