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      We are WEIMA

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      Our passion drives us

      WEIMA is known worldwide for its high standards when it comes to quality. Our shredders, grinders, granulators, briquette presses and drainage presses are steady, reliable, and economic—and in terms of innovation, we’re constantly raising our standards. Those who order machines from us can rest assured that they’re getting a custom-made solution of the highest quality.

      WEIMA PowerLine shredder

      WEIMA PowerLine shredder

      W.28 up shreds garbage bins and plastic waste

      PowerLine 2500 single-shaft shredder with hydraulic drive

      WL 8 single-shaft shredder shreds wood scrap from production

      WL 8 single-shaft shredder shreds wood scrap

      Paper recycling with a WEIMA WLK 10 shredder with extraction system

      Recycling with a WLK 10 Shredder

      Post industrial plastics processing

      In-house recycling of plastic fibers


      Why we shred

      The world is overflowing with waste. This must change. WEIMA shredders, briquette presses and drain presses are at the beginning of various material circles and thus contribute to a cleaner planet earth.


      “WEIMA shredders and briquette and drainage presses are produced in Germany, generating a revenue of 60 million euros. At our 44,000 m2 facilities in Ilsfeld (Baden-Württemberg) and Annaburg (Sachsen-Anhalt), our 300-person team produces over 1,200 solutions each year for our customers worldwide.”

      Martin Friz, CEO of WEIMA Group GmbH & Co. KG

      Zeit encyclopedia of family businesses

      Zeit encyclopedia of family businesses


      Proudly made by WEIMA in Germany

      We are an internationally-acclaimed, German family business. Through collaboration within our organization and constant communication, we are able to manufacture machines that are well-known worldwide.

      WEIMA smart shredding 4.0

      WEIMA Visual in Ilsfeld

      WEIMA Visual in Ilsfeld


      We’re always looking to the future

      Our business model depends on sustainability, but also on interns. With a constant focus on internships, we are taking social and economic responsibility while simultaneously ensuring the future of the company. We offer each employee the opportunity to further develop within their skill sets and personal interests, and that makes us proud.

      WEIMA shredder shreds waste

      WEIMA shredder in action

      We really strive to listen to you in order to suggest the machine that is the best fit for your operation. Whether it’s a stand-alone solution or a complete system, we can customize our machines to fit your specific application.


      The customer comes first. Every time. Always.

      While our customers come from many different settings - some from smaller shops, some from larger industrial sectors - their size-reduction requirements are often the same. They’re looking for a customized solution that won’t break the bank, but one that makes sense for the size of their operation and their workflow. We aim not only to provide a solution that will meet these requirements, but to exceed those expectations.

      Ilsfeld in winter

      WEIMA headquarters, Ilsfeld, Germany

      WEIMA headquarters, Ilsfeld, Germany


      Service with a capital “S”

      Our interaction with you won’t end when the sale is finalized. We will happily coordinate the shipping of your machine as well as an on-site startup. We will also train your employees on-site. And of course, our Service team is always on standby should any questions arise or should you require replacement parts.

      Annaburg | Production

      Annaburg, Germany production plant


      WEIMA Worldwide

      We’re based in Germany, but we’re present worldwide. We have business and service centers in Europe, the USA, South America, and in Asia.

      WEIMA America in Fort Mill, SC

      WEIMA America in Fort Mill, SC, USA


      Better Together

      Customer proximity is the critical factor for a successful cooperation. For this reason WEIMA invests in regional production and service centers in China and India.

      Production site for the Chinese market: Yantai, China

      Sales and service Yantai, China

      Spacious and bright reception at the Yantai location

      Entrance in Yantai, China


      Need a reference?

      We want our customers to love their WEIMA machine and to feel good about the service they receive—that’s what keeps us going. We also work hard to ensure that, when it comes to service and expertise, WEIMA is the provider that marches at the head of the pack.

      WEIMA Timeline

      The important cornerstones of our company's history

      1980 – The beginning

      Visionary and entrepreneuer Peter Rössler founded the Weinsberger Maschinenfabrik (WEIMA) machine factory and manufactured one of the first industrial wood shredders for cabinetmakers and wood shops.


      1982 – Briquette presses

      In order to expand the machine portfolio, briquetting presses are produced soon afterwards in new production halls in the Ilsfeld industrial park. In addition, the Bavarian State Prize is awarded to WEIMA.


      1999 – Transatlantic expansion

      The decision was made to expand into North America in order to reach new markets. In Fort Mill, South Carolina, a sales center was established, complete with a center for final assembly and a technical service department.


      2003 – The family business

      WEIMA benefits from its multigenerational approach. Martin Friz became a managing partner and began working beside Peter Rössler.


      2006 – Second Production Center in Eastern Germany

      In this year, WEIMA transferred the main portion of shredder production to Annaburg in Saxony-Anhalt in order to meet the worldwide growing demand.


      2014 – Target market China

      WEIMA enters into a joint venture in north-eastern Yantai. Inside new production halls, machines are manufactured for the Chinese market exclusively.


      2018 – Portfolio extension | PÜHLER draining presses

      WEIMA acquires draining and compressing specialist PÜHLER, looking back on a successful 40 year-old company history in Germany. Hydraulically driven PÜHLER packaging presses, can presses, and draining presses add to WEIMA's compressing portfolio that consisted of high-end industrial briquette presses only before the acquisition.


      2018 – WEIMA campus expansion in Ilsfeld (Phase 1)

      The headquarters in Ilsfeld underwent an expansion and was extensively modernized. Four years prior to this, the company’s cafe area was opened, making it possible to serve meals to over 100 employees on-site. The technical department was also rebuilt, adding more warehouse capacity and assembly area as well.


      2019 – Target market India

      Shortly before the turn of the decade, WEIMA agrees on a joint venture in north-west India. The focus is on the expansion of the service commitment in the region.


      2020 – WEIMA campus expansion in Ilsfeld (Phase 2)

      In addition to the campus expansion of the administration buildings (Phase 2), WEIMA is expanding its capacities on a large scale for the repair of used machines and service work. With the production hall 4 further assembly areas are created. Furthermore, automated parts warehouses are being built and the control cabinet construction is being further modernized.

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