Recycling and Shredding of Paper and Cardboard

Cellulose is the pioneer of recycling. The reutilization of paper and cardboard is both economical and environmental and is of the utmost importance—the more paper we recycle, the fewer trees are cut down and used in the paper production process.

WEIMA industrial paper shredders make a great contribution to the economical shredding of paper and corrugated cardboard. Strong, robust drives and rotors specifically designed for shredding paper or cardboard also make it possible to process material that is difficult to shred. Our machines can handle all throughput requirements for post-consumer applications such as waste paper, cartons, files and documents, shipping packaging, and industrial production waste. This includes cardboard tubes, paper webs, paper rolls, edge trims, printing waste or paper bales.

Recycling and Shredding of Paper and Cardboard Recycling and Shredding of Paper and Cardboard Recycling and Shredding of Paper and Cardboard
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Efficient shredding in the material cycle

In times of booming online trade, the sustainable disposal of corrugate and cardboard boxes is becoming increasingly important. In general, the processing of paper and paper waste is an essential part of the overall reusable material recycling process – and not only for environmental reasons.

Shredding Corrugated Cardboard and Cores

"Paper recycling is on the rise. In Europe, more than 70 % of waste paper is already being recycled".

Kay Schulte
Business Development | Paper at WEIMA

Processing production waste in a resource-saving manner

The production of paper products regularly produces a lot of waste. The production waste or production surplus, for example in the form of paper bales, paper cuttings, paper rolls or paper sheets, presents many companies with logistical challenges. Industrial paper shredders reduce large volumes economically. The shredded pieces can be reintegrated into production processes after being re-pulped.

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For a long time, pulper braids and other production waste in the paper industry were mainly disposed of in landfills. In recent years, however, their potential as a secondary raw material source has been recognized. Pulper heads consist mainly of metal wires and plastic parts that get knotted during paper production. With the right industrial paper shredder, the materials can be recovered and reused, for example as substitute fuel in cement plants.

Safety risk: paper dust

Workers in the paper processing industry are traditionally exposed to high concentrations of dust and fibers. This is particularly harmful to the lungs and can cause illness. In addition, non-exhausted paper residues pose a considerable risk of explosion, which must be avoided. For this reason, we recommend the use of suitable extraction systems with filters and subsequent briquetting. In some colder regions, the compacted dust can be used as a fuel to generate heating energy within the company using a boiler.

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The WEIMA showroom is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us at our North American headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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v-rotor shredder by WEIMA

Shredder in the WEIMA showroom

Pulper rope shredding with a WEIMA PreCut 2500

A WEIMA PreCut 2500 shredder shreds big pulper ropes from paper recycling.