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WEIMA offers a comprehensive range of industrial shredders. Here you will find the right shredder for every challenge, no matter how demanding.

Simply filter according to your criteria and you will receive a solution perfectly matched to your industry and application.

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What do you want to shred?


The perfect conditions

All applications are different, but the goal is the same: we want to ensure that your industrial shredder adds value to your operation. A WEIMA shredder makes it easier to transport, clean, sort, and/or reuse materials.

When it comes to scrap: Intelligent shredding turns waste into a resource.

The shredding process with ram, rotor, screen and material discharge

The shredding process with ram, rotor, screen and material discharge

WLK 1500 shredder from WEIMA
Operating principle of single-shaft shredders
Feeding of the material into the hopper
Feeding of the material to the rotor by means of a ram
Shredding with rotor and counter knives
Definition of the particle size via screen
Discharge of the shredded material via suction, screw conveyor or conveyor belt
Feeding of the material into the hopper
Feeding of the material to the rotor by means of a ram
Shredding with rotor and counter knives
Definition of the particle size via screen
Discharge of the shredded material via suction, screw conveyor or conveyor belt

Powerful hydraulic drive from Hägglunds


For decades we’ve been using shredding solutions to make “everything smaller.” With our wide spectrum of machine types, we are in a position to shred materials like plastic, paper, wood, cardboard, biomass, waste and secure documents.

Horizontal shredder for long materials


Shredding technology made in Germany

WEIMA offers you everything from one source: planning, construction, machine, switch cabinet, control, software, conveyor technology, support, wear and spare parts. We make all this and much more possible through 40 years of recycling know-how.

The heart: WEIMA V-Rotor with cutting knives

Select your preferred drive type


Electromechanical drive

In most cases, single-shaft shredders are equipped with an electromechanical drive. The power is transmitted by means of a norm motor, the specially developed WEIMA WAP gear and a power belt. The speed is adjustable.

WLK Jumbo with electromechanical drive


High-torque drive

The high-torque, multi-pole synchronous motor from Baumüller is produced in Germany and is characterized by its insensitivity to foreign objects. Without gears, the drive resists shocks and vibrations and thus has a particularly long service life – even when shredding challenging material streams.

High-torque drive from Baumüller

High-torque drive from Baumüller


Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic drives from Hägglunds / Bosch Rexroth have no gearbox and are therefore particularly insensitive to many impurities. Speed and torque can be adjusted without current peaks. The robust drive provides high torque at low kW power. The speed can be variably adjusted by means of a regulating pump.

a machine with a hydraulic drive and lots of hoses connected to a wall power source

Hägglunds hydraulic drive in action

A hydraulic drive on a WEIMA machine

Inspection flap of a WEIMA PowerLine shredder

Rotor and cutting technology: The optimum coordination of rotor, knives and counter knives is crucial for the shredding result. The selection of the components suitable for the material requires a high degree of experience.


No two applications are the same. But one thing remains: The rotor is the heart of a shredder. It is fitted with cutting knives and rotates between 30 and 400 revolutions per minute, depending on the material and machine.


Cutting knives come in many different sizes and shapes. They are either welded or screwed onto the rotor. Especially important: the exact adjustment of the cutting gap between the cutting knives and counter knives. This is where the actual shredding takes place – comparable to a (very large) pair of scissors.


WEIMA OEM rotor knives overview

WEIMA OEM rotor knives overview


Screens for material discharge

The screen fixed around the rotor defines the material size (grain size) to be achieved. As a rule, the larger the holes, the coarser the shredded material. WEIMA offers the following screen designs: Round hole, honeycomb, kidney, zig-zag.

Screen options: without, perforated S,M,L, honeycomb, zig-zag

Electromechanical drive with WEIMA WAP gearbox


Full speed ahead

For a rotor to turn, it must be driven by a power source. There are several possibilities for this. While a 170 kg rotor must be set in motion in a WL 4 shredder, a PreCut cutting shaft weighs a massive 7 tons. A real challenge for mechanics and electronics. In general, we distinguish between three types of drive: electromechanical, hydraulic and high-torque.

Did you know?
Enormous forces act on shredder gears. That's why WEIMA builds its robust WAP transmissions in Germany itself and doesn't buy in. This guarantees a long service life.

Shredder with hydraulic drive from Hägglunds

What use is a razor-sharp rotor and many kW of drive power if the material to be shredded does not reach it at all?

That is what the ram is for. Whether horizontal or swung – a perfectly adjusted ram significantly increases throughput.


Horizontal ram

By means of hydraulic pressure, the ram moves horizontally forwards and backwards. The movements can be controlled automatically, in cycles or manually. If required, this is done load-dependent. It is precisely guided by brass guide rails so that it does not jam. A shock valve at the rear end of the ram also absorbs shocks, making the system even more robust.

Horizontal ram with segmented base


Swing ram

The material feed by means of swing technology makes the shredder particularly compact, simplifies maintenance and allows a more aggressive material feed. As an option, the swing ram can be equipped with an attachment, which further improves the feeding process.

Swing ram of a WKS shredder


"We must shred waste –
or our world will overflow."

Peter Rössler, company founder and visionary entrepreneur


Heavy duty machine design

WEIMA shredders for processing highly abrasive materials can be protected with various options to reduce wear and thus downtime and maintenance costs. The heavy wall thickness of the machine frame makes WEIMA shredders particularly robust. The rotor can be reinforced with Vautid, the screen with Creusabro. To protect the cutting knives against the impact of foreign objects, large knives with edge lengths of up to 130 mm x 130 mm can be selected. If the number of knives is small. Vautid can also protect knife holders.

Vautid weld-on for shredder rotor


To avoid increased wear of the rotor face plates, we recommend the installation of replaceable Creusabro wear plates on both sides. The cutting chamber can also be reinforced and optionally lined with exchangeable Creusabro plates. Wear protection does not stop at the screen, which defines the material size. For particularly high wear, we offer a screen reinforced with Creusabro with a wall thickness of approx. 20 mm.

Vautid rotor protection

Vautid rotor wear protection

WEIMA rotor with vautid coating

Vautid rotor coating for wear protection


Main shredder components in detail

Maximum ruggedness and high precision at the same time – everyday, WEIMA shredders all over the world prove that this is possible. The interaction between rotor, cutting knives, ram, screen and, of course, the best-fitting drive, define the individual cutting solution. You can count on the experience of several tens of thousands machines in the market and world-famous Swabian engineering for over four decades.

HDPE pipes in the plastic cycle


Wear protection for WEIMA shredders

WEIMA offers various options for wear protection against foreign objects and abrasive materials: Hydraulic drive, F rotor with vautid seams, F rotor with vautid coating, External hexagonal bolts, 80 mm concave knives, 80 mm octagonal knives, Creusabro wear plates, Creusabro screen.