WLK 18 J

Single-shaft shredders for extreme applications

The WEIMA WLK J shredders, also known as S5, are for the most extreme of applications. This machine line boasts stability, functionality, consistent throughput, and availability. A variety of sizes and options guarantees customer-specific solutions for almost all applications. This line of machines boasts extremely robust construction and almost endless capabilities for the shredding of scrap. There are over 80 optional features, making this a customizable shredding solution for almost any application.

Achieve demanding throughput targets with Heavy Duty V rotor

While the profiled V rotors of the S5 series have a diameter of 500 mm with up to 223 knives. All sizes are universally applicable and guarantee maximum throughput rates at low wear costs. The cutting knives can be reversed several times and are available in sizes of 40 and 60 mm.

Film recycling in the US

At the Fiberon plant, two WEIMA S7.25 lift-up shredders and a S5.18 lift-up shredder shred film waste, which is then processed into granulate with the help of an EREMA extrusion line.

Trouble-free shredding thanks to PLC control with automatic reversing system

With just one central, high-quality Siemens PLC control cabinet, you control not only the shredder but also the entire conveyor system. If required, you can also control downstream secondary shredders within the production line. Large touch displays facilitate operation. An automatic reversing system ensures a trouble-free shredding process.

Safe shredding of large-volume parts with extended hopper attachment

Individual hopper extensions and enclosures with plastic curtains are available to prevent materials from being thrown from the hopper. In the heavy duty version, the feed hopper is double-walled and thus effectively contributes to sound insulation. For example this S7.30 lift-up shreds huge PE pipes. The material is then granulated and fed to an extruder.

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Sharp cuts guaranteed thanks to adjustable counter knives

A perfect cutting gap with sharp knives keeps the material throughput at a constantly high level. For this reason, WEIMA rotor and counter knives can not only be turned – the counter knives are also manually adjustable.

Highest precision with flexible materials with F rotor including Vautid wear protection

The F rotors of the WLK J series were designed for extreme demands. An optional protective layer of Vautid counteracts increased wear. Optional rotor cooling is available for particularly temperature-sensitive materials

Shredders for the automotive industry

A WEIMA S7.20 lift-up single-shaft shredder shreds production waste from the automotive industry: plastic motor covers, rear window shelving units, as well as large plastic drums. Once shredded, these materials will be immediately granulated.

Precise material feeding due to segmented floor

Particularly when shredding very thin materials such as films or fibers, it is recommended to use a segmented floor, which guides the ram even more precisely and prevents jamming. The shock valve at the end of the hydraulic ram also absorbs shocks to the ram, thus reducing wear.

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Protected rotor bearings thanks to offset mounting from the frame

WEIMA shredders are known for their durability. This is also due to the spherical roller bearings used for our rotors. The bearings are mounted at a distance from the machine and protect against contaminants and uncontrolled forces acting on the rotor. It also facilitates regular maintenance.

Fast material discharge

with screw conveyor or conveyor belt
With such high throughput rates, the removal of shredded material must also be ensured. For this reason, the machines of both series have a 600 mm wide conveyor belt cutout.
Fast material discharge

Maintenance-friendly rotor access thanks to upward-swiveling screen basket

The screen baskets of the WLK J series can be swung upwards. This allows free access to the rotor for convenient maintenance without components getting in the way. Screens can be changed just as easily. The screen basket can be equipped with round hole screens in various diameters, zigzag, honeycomb, and kidney screens – depending on the desired shredding result.

Powerful drive options: Hydraulic drive or electromechanical drive

Hydraulic drives from Hägglunds / Bosch Rexroth are insensitive to foreign material and are therefore extremely robust. Speed and torque can be adjusted without causing current peaks. In this way, high torques are achieved at low kW output. The speed can be adjusted by means of a variable displacement pump. Alternatively, a conventional electromechanical drive with WEIMA WAP gearbox can be installed.

Stronger. Wider. Tougher. with Heavy Duty options

The higher the requirements, the more robustly a shredder must be built. For this reason, we use high-quality steel sidewalls with 40 mm wall thickness for the S5 series. Together with the extra large rotors as well as suitable drives, WEIMA machines are ready for anything.

Paper shredding on a grand scale

A WEIMA S5.18 lift-up shredder shreds paper and cardboard. This is the first step in paper recycling.

Faster ram movements for higher throughputs

With the help of turbo hydraulics, the ram feeds the material to be shredded to the rotor much faster. This increases the throughput of your machine.

Less vibration with flexible set up with hard rubber feet

Despite their many tons of weight, shredders in these series feature practical machine feet made of hard rubber. They have a vibration-damping effect and reduce vibrations in the immediate vicinity.

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