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      Paper waste briquetting and recycling

      WEIMA briquettes a variety of paper scrap including files, secured documents, bank checks, labels, paper dust and shredded cardboard.

      Briquettes made of shredded paper or paper dust
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      Cleanliness and safety through briquetting

      Our paper briquetting presses ensure operational safety and protect your employees' health, as briquetted paper dust reduces the risk of explosion and dust emissions.


      Whether in inhouse recycling of production waste in a production plant or as a stand-alone solution, with a WEIMA briquette press you can solve your space, cost or safety problems simply and quickly.

      Customer applications and sample materials from the paper industry

      Did you know?
      In Europe, more than 70 percent of waste paper is recycled.


      Powerful briquette presses

      WEIMA paper briquetting presses are ideal for paper processing companies. The WEIMA C 150 briquette press is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized capacities.

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      WEIMA C-series briquette press


      But also industrial companies with a desired throughput capacity of up to 400 kg/h will find what they are looking for at WEIMA. The WEIMA TH 1500 briquette press from the industrial series compacts your waste material with high performance.

      Learn more about the C 150

      WEIMA TH 1500 briquette press

      Advantages through briquetting

      1. Volume reduction of up to 90% of the starting material
      2. Reduction of dust emission
      3. High pressing pressure for high briquette density
      4. Reduction of fire load
      5. Better residue handling
      6. Minimized disposal costs
      7. Reduction of transport and storage costs
      8. User-friendly design
      9. Easy maintenance


      Minimize risk of explosion through briquetting

      Paper dust is an enormous health and safety risk in paper processing companies. It is not only harmful to your employees, but also poses a considerable risk of explosion. In combination with a filtering extraction system, a WEIMA briquette press can help keep your staff and facility safe. You can use the compacted paper dust to generate heating energy in some parts of the country with boilers or sell it at a profit.

      Paper dust briquettes


      See for yourself

      The WEIMA show room is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us directly in Ilsfeld.

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      Briquette production from paper filter dust