Frequently Asked Questions about WEIMA

General questions

Do you have questions about the ins and outs of WEIMA? Whether you want to know about material throughput rates, how to select your ideal rotor knives, or how to order parts, you’ll find your answers here. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, just send us an email or give us a call! We’d love to chat.

How high is the material throughput of a shredder?

The throughput of a single-shaft or four-shaft shredder depends on many factors. It’s very important that a shredder is selected from the beginning that is designed for your specific application in order to reach your throughput goals. At this point, the working width, rotor/knife type and drive type would be specified. Then it really depends on the material. Will you be shredding wood, paper, plastic, metal, or biomass? Something else perhaps? What form is it in (blocks, strips, long or short pieces, etc) and how will the material be loaded into the shredder’s hopper? WEIMA has machines that specialize in the processing of each major application type. Above all, the screen size that is selected will be a big determining factor in your throughput—the larger the holes in the screen, the bulkier the shredded material will be. In order to determine a more exact throughput rate with your specific material, we recommend a trial be performed in our demonstration lab at our facility. We will use your material to conduct this trial in one of our machines on site.

How much does a shredder weigh?

The weight of a shredder truly depends on its configuration. Each application (wood, paper, plastic, etc.) has a configuration that works best. The various rotor types, cooling systems, ram types and reinforced machine walls can all play a big part in the machine’s weight. WEIMA shredders are designed specifically with your application in mind. One size does not fit all!

What kinds of materials can be shredded?

WEIMA single-shaft and four-shaft shredders can efficiently shred a wide variety of materials. This includes-- but is not limited to—wood, plastic, paper, biomass, cardboard, and light metals. The few things that WEIMA shredders cannot shred include glass, stones, and heavy metals.

Where are WEIMA’s shredders and briquette presses produced?

Shredders and briquette presses that carry the WEIMA logo are exclusively manufactured in Germany. The machinery is developed at our manufacturing facility in Annaburg (Sachsen-Anhalt.) The briquette presses are finalized to customer specifications at our location in Ilsfeld, Germany.

Where can you find the WEIMA headquarters?

The main office of WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH can be found in the in Ilsfeld, Germany (not far from Stuttgart.) Every wood, paper, plastic, and metal shredder or briquette press is shipped from this location.

How is the shredded material discharged?

In single-shaft shredders, the material is shredded between the rotor knives and the counter knives. The size-reduced material then falls beneath the rotor and through the material screen. A screen ensures homogenous sized throughput. The material can be further removed from the shredder using a belt conveyor, an auger system, or an air conveyor.

What knife type do I need for my shredder?

The rotors on WEIMA’s shredders can be equipped with four-sided knives. Your material will help determine which knife type is ideal. Is the material contaminated with extraneous debris? If yes, then it makes sense to shred your waste material with flat knives that can withstand hard metal pieces. For shredding wood or hard plastic, you’d probably choose a concave knife, whereas an extra concave knife would be more ideal for the shredding of film or foil.

Can my shredder be set up outdoors?

Generally speaking, a WEIMA machine can be installed outdoors. It’s important, though, that the control panel is protected from outdoor elements like water and dirt. We also recommend that the machine be placed under a roof of some sort, and that a hydraulic oil heater/cooler be used in those locations where the climate is extremely cold or extremely warm. It’s also important that the surroundings of the machine are secure and are able to be kept clean.

What safety features does my WEIMA have?

Our shredders can shred almost anything. From wood waste and paper scrap to plastic purge and light metals, one thing is of the utmost importance to us here at WEIMA: the safety of your operation.

For example, in order to protect your workers from noise and dust, WEIMA machinery can be outfitted with noise protection or installed inside a dust-free housing unit. WEIMA also offers an overload protection feature. The hoppers can be enlarged for special applications or outfitted with a doghouse to keep loose material from being thrown from the shredder.

How do I get replacement parts for my shredder or briquette press?

Service is so important to us. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when you buy a machine—instead our service team works efficiently to make sure you have everything you need to maintain your shredder. Just give us a call or send us an email!

How thick are the walls of the WEIMA single-shaft and four-shaft shredders?

WEIMA industrial shredders are robust, first and foremost. This is partially because the walls of our machines are proportionately scaled based on the size of the machine and the specific material the machine is shredding.

A few examples: a WL 4 has hopper walls that are 8mm thick.

A WLK1500 has 20mm thick hopper walls, and a Spider 1500 has 25mm thick walls. Jumbo machines like the PreCut, EcoLine, PowerLine, and FineCut have 40mm thick walls.