Wood waste shredders from WEIMA

Wood is a valuable resource that can be used down to the last chip. When processed into wood chips, the wood waste can be used for direct energy generation in combustion plants or for briquette production. WEIMA’s industrial wood shredders excel at transforming large scraps into manageable commodities.

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About wood shredding
Wood waste shredders from WEIMA Wood waste shredders from WEIMA Wood waste shredders from WEIMA
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Wood shredding at its best

Anyone who wants to produce energy from their wood waste in an environmentally friendly way should consider wood waste shredding. The wood chips can be used for direct heat generation in combustion plants or for the production of briquettes.

Typical applications include all kinds of hardwood and softwood, waste wood, OSB and MDF, veneer, plywood, stairs, doors and pallets. And don't worry. Their nails and screws are simply shredded with them. Later they can be easily separated with a cross-belt magnet upon discharge.

"The first WEIMA shredders of the 1980s were used for wood applications. Since then a lot has changed from a technical point of view. In the meantime we have also become experts for the corresponding conveying technology".

Fred Haller
Business Development | Wood at WEIMA

Pallets and waste wood shredding with a WEIMA WLK 1500 @ Bropack, Germany

A WEIMA WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder shreds pallets and waste wood from the production at Bropack in Dornham, Germany.

The different series and rotor variants are the top solutions for wood shops and lumber manufacturers: Whether pallets, timber, chipboard or MDF boards, stairs, window frames, furniture, doors or semi-finished wood products – WEIMA wood waste shredders turn bulky scrap into a reusable commodity.

Scrap utilization and wood waste shredding with WEIMA

No matter what you call your machine-- wood chipper, wood grinder or wood waste shredder – with a WEIMA you shred everything to the last chip and dispose of your wood waste sustainably.

As a pre-shredder, the Woodwolf is available for large-volume residual wood waste such as pallets or furniture. With our universally applicable shredders of the WL series, e.g. WL 4 or WL 15 , you can achieve highest throughputs. For even smaller material sizes we offer secondary shredders of the WNZ series .

Barrel Staves shredding

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Wood waste shredding at Appalachian Lumber with a WEIMA WLK 10 wood grinder

Appalachian Lumber is a family-owned business that was founded in 1982, and is located in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Wilkesboro, North Carolina (about 90 miles northwest of Charlotte). The office and plant facilities include more that 64,000 square feet of total space.

Material flows under control: Conveying. Separating. Storing

Thanks to our extensive experience with conveyor technology (air extraction, screw conveyors, bunker systems, conveyor belts, metal detection and metal separation), we can offer you the complete package for wood disposal and recycling from a single source.

Every woodworker needs a WEIMA

This was already the case when we were founded in the 1980s and will not change in the future. All joineries, carpentries, wood shops, cabinetmakers, truss manufacturers, dimensional lumber suppliers, sawmills and (industrial) furniture workshops of all sizes inevitably generate residual wood waste from production. These must be disposed of or reused in some way.

Biomass briquettes burning in a furnace

Pallet shredding

One of the most common applications of wood shredding is the shredding of pallets. WEIMA offers machines specifically designed for this task.

Learn more about the shredding of euro-pallets and disposable wooden pallets here:

Pallets shredding

Paletten Zerkleinerung im Schneidraum eines WLK 1500 Shredders

Wood pallets

Chop saw wood cuttings shredding with a WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder @Kloboucká lesní, Czech Republic

Watch as the powerful WEIMA WLK 1500 single-shaft-shredder takes on diverse wood cuttings at Kloboucká lesní in the Czech Republic. This top-performing industrial-grade shredder is designed to process tough materials, shredding large volumes of wood waste quickly and efficiently.

Possibilities for the utilization of wood waste:
1. Use wood chips for combustion
e.g. chip bunker with wood chip firing oven
2. Use wood chips for the production of biogas
e.g. wood gasification plants in bio-heat power plants
3. Briquetting shredded wood and using it for own heat generation
e.g. wood briquettes for wood stove
4. briquetting wood chips and selling them for a profit
e.g. hardware stores or private households
5. Waste wood and used wood recycling
e.g. chipboard production

Did you know?

Our sustainability initiative Destroy Responsibly™ has been around for over ten years. We support trade show organizers with on-site waste disposal.

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Why is it necessary to have homogeneous particle sizes when shredding waste wood?

A homogeneous particle size is particularly important in the thermal utilization of wood waste, since heating plants are often designed for a standardized grain size. If the particle size is not sufficiently homogeneous, wood chip heating systems operated with screw conveyors can quickly become clogged. The formation of material bridges also prevents smooth firing of the system.

In addition, the safety of the firing system can be impaired if excessively large or long chips block safety devices such as the rotary feeder.
For the production of high-density briquettes, homogeneous wood chips are essential as well. Only in this way can wood briquettes keep their shape stably without binders and glue.

Waste wood shredding

wood chips in a pile after shredding

Homogenous wood chips after shredding

Optimal recycling of wood waste

No matter whether you use a planer, band saw or circular saw, sander or lathe, woodworking produces a lot of scrap-- wood chips, sanding dust, offcuts, strips, skeletons, and rippings. Even in CNC machining centers, wood chips and wood dust are produced through the use of CNC machines and milling machines, which can be optimally recycled with our industrial wood shredders.

See for yourself

The WEIMA showroom is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us directly in Fort Mill, South Carolina, where you can observe the shredding process live.

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Wooden slats | long wood waste shredding with WEIMA Beaver 400 horizontal grinder

A beaver 400 horizontal grinder shreds long wood cuttings.

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A red-orange Shredder with a blue box of wood waste and input material

Jardan Takes the Lead: Embracing Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing

Jardan creates responsible furniture and lighting with a deep connection to the Australian way of life, with manufacturing headquarters in Melbourne, show rooms across four states and another about to open.

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Shredding and burning of residual wood with BAFA subsidy

With a WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder, a sophisticated screw system and a wood chips heating system, the German carpenter Bernd Kreutner uses the own waste wood such as roof battens, offcuts and pallets sustainably to heat the shop buildings.

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The WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder from WEIMA stands in front of a building. In the background is the associated control cabinet and the transport system consisting of screw conveyors and spirals.

New WEIMA wood shredder for heating and drying technology from Bropack Bronner Packmittel

In the course of growth and expansion to four different locations, Bropack Bronner Packmittel GmbH decided to build a new headquarters. Together with WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH, Steiner GmbH, Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH and Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen, an innovative system was designed for an in-house drying and heating system.

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A red WEIMA S7.15 is standing in front of a building. A company employee stands next to it and looks into the camera.

Högland Såg & Hyvleri: Wood chips from residual wood as fuel for energy power plants

Högland Såg & Hyvleri is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sawn timber and planed products in Örnsköldsvik, in the northeast of Sweden. During the production, large quantities of residual wood are produced every day, which are reduced to chips by a WEIMA WLK 15 SJ single-shaft shredder. These are then resold as fuel for power plants.

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Shredded waste wood in palms of hands

Grayson Lumber: Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainability with WEIMA Shredder

Grayson Lumber has successfully integrated a WEIMA shredder into its operations to process wood waste generated during lumber production. By utilizing the shredder, Grayson Lumber has found an innovative solution to repurpose wood waste, which is then utilized as fuel in an on-site boiler.

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Three people are standing and speaking with each other in a warehouse next to an orange WEIMA shredder.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Boyd Manufacturing’s Success with Quis Machinery

Boyd Manufacturing, a furniture manufacturer for the hospitality market, utilizes a WEIMA shredder and other auxiliary machinery to manage wood scrap and increase efficiency and profitability.

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Wood pellets from timber scraps at Kloboucká lesní

Kloboucká lesní shreds wood waste from the production of glued laminated timber with a WEIMA WLK 1500. From this, high-quality pellets for heat generation, which they distribute themselves – an additional income source that is also sustainable for the environment.

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WEIMA WL 6 Shredder zerkleinert großes Holzstück

Five in One – Heating with Wood Waste

At Sucker Holzbau GbR a lot of wood waste accumulates over time. With the help of a WL 6 single-shaft shredder and a wood chip oven, this is used to heat the workshops and offices as well as three single-family homes.

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Ideas made-to-measure — the rest goes into the WEIMA

For over 110 years the name Althoff has stood for creative work with wood. In the joinery in Bielefeld, wood waste accumulates during all stages of production. With the use of a WEIMA WL 4 shredder, this can be ideally processed to heat the premises.

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Frame-making and upholstery artisans assemble wooden framed furniture in a production facility.

Comfortable Shredding

Calgan Recliners in Johannisburg are among the biggest manufacturers of upholstery furniture in South Africa. A WL 4 shreds their wood waste.

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Britain’s Got Shredders

When watching The Voice, The X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, many viewers don’t think about what actually happens to the…

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Short work of long waste wood

Premier Wood in Australia relies on dependable WEIMA shredding technology from Germany for many years to ensure that waste wood management runs smoothly.

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Long wood scrap for long winters

Russian furniture giant Lerom relies on a WEIMA ZM 40 four-shaft shredder to process more than 20 cubic meters of wood waste from production every day.

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Thinking about winter in summer – the smart wood trader thinks ahead

With a WEIMA WL 13 single-shaft shredder and a TH 820 briquetting press, Hutchings Timber makes clever use of wood waste to save costs, sustainably heat premises and sell briquettes profitably.

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Paarhammer, Australia: Sustainable waste management in the woodworking industry

Paarhammer is a well-established Australian manufacturer for European style windows and doors and it could be assumed that one of their most essential items is directly involved in the manufacturing process. But in Paarhammer’s case, the essential component is a waste management system that produces briquettes from sawdust and off-cuts. “At the moment it’s the most essential item in the business,” managing director Tony Paarhammer proudly notes.

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GARANT – Sustainability Guaranteed

GARANT Türen und Zargen GmbH is one of the leading companies in the door and frame industry. The company was founded…

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Using Wood Waste to Heat the Workshop

The shopfitter ‘RD Shopfitting’ shreds its wood waste with a WEIMA WL 15 single-shaft shredder in order to use it for energy generation.

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The dream team for wood disposal

CNC World, a British vendor of CNC machines, has recently started to process its wood waste mechanically in order to heat the workshop in a resource-saving manner.

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Bridging the Gap: Hands-on Woodworking Training Program Develops Skilled Workforce

Jim Wellever, the Department Head of the Cabinetmaking/Millwork Training Center, runs a department within the on-campus cabinet shop that trains…

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Sperrholz Shredder WLK 15 WEIMA

Florida-based BlueLinx makes cash from wood scrap

BlueLinx of Lake City noticed a significant amount of scrap coming off of their lumber production lines. These pieces of…

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South Carolina company reaps the benefits of shredding and recycling

In Charleston and the surrounding area, the demand for housing is high. The company estimates that 90% of its products…

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Plantage bei Nacht

Eco-friendly Caribbean Rum

Larry Warren, whose family assumed responsibility for the 400-acre plantation in 2006, not only produces the typical Caribbean rum. He…

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Hol’z dir! Sustainable briquette manufacture in the Augustinuswerk Jessen

It is very busy here. Every day 3,000 wood briquettes pass through the conveyor belts of the Augustinuswerk. Through further…

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Briquettes from garden furniture

The company has been manufacturing high-quality wooden garden furniture in Nantwich (United Kingdom) since 1926. Waste wood accumulating up to…

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Automatic waste wood processing in the production of kitchen worktops

Optimized cutting – minimum waste wood levels The kitchen worktops are stocked as unfinished templates up to 600, 900 or…

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Befüllung WL 4 Einwellen-Shredder

Wood shredding making company more profitable

A common problem: The operation invested in a WEIMA WLK 8 shredder with a V-Rotor design in mid-2014. It is…

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‘We looked for the best’

Elbau Küchen AG is specialized in high-quality individual kitchens. Its 86 employees produce between 80 and 100 kitchens each week in…

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