Högland Såg & Hyvleri: Wood chips from residual wood as fuel for energy power plants

Högland Såg & Hyvleri is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sawn timber and planed products in Örnsköldsvik, in the northeast of Sweden. During the production, large quantities of residual wood are produced every day, which are reduced to chips by a WEIMA WLK 15 SJ single-shaft shredder. These are then resold as fuel for power plants.

Högland Såg & Hyvleri is one of the fastest growing forestry and timber companies in Sweden. It is in a region with high quality raw material. The spruce and pine trees are cut into logs on site and processed into first-class construction timber at the sawmill. Approximately 280,000 m3 of sawn timber is produced annually at Högland's three sites.

Located on the Swedish coast, the sawn timber can be transported directly by ship. The Swedish company's largest markets are Great Britain, Sweden and North Africa, but the sawn timber is also sold to Asia and other European countries.

Efficient processing of wood residues into wood chips

Högland Såg & Hyvleri cares about the environment. The company is certified: It complies with quality requirements and standards in all areas, from management systems to production and sales. So, it's natural that the sawmill would want to make effective use of its wood waste.

A red WEIMA S7.15 is standing in front of a building. A company employee stands next to it and looks into the camera.

WEIMA S7.15 at Högland Såg & Hyvleri

Högland uses WEIMA's WLK 15 SJ single-shaft shredder with 110 kW gear drive to reduce the cut wood waste into chips. The wood chips are then sold to power plants as fuel. The shredder is filled via a conveyor belt that is directly connected to the sawing machine in production. Optionally, the sawn wood residues can also be loaded directly into the hopper of the shredder by means of a front loader. The chips are then transported to a bunker via another conveyor. Loading as well as removal takes place once or twice a day with the help of a wheel loader directly onto a truck.

Reliable and powerful shredding

The WLK 15 SJ wood shredder enables high production output and is characterized by high reliability and easy operation. The uptime of the machines and the support of WEIMA technical staff have helped the sawmill to make the process of shredding as efficient as possible. The machine runs continuously around the clock.

The location of Högland Såg & Hyvleri from above

Högland Såg & Hyvleri from above

Unequal sawn timber is transported via a system.

The dissimilar sawn timbers are sorted according to quality.

Lumber is sorted and cut using a laser.

Using a laser, the wood is cut to the same length.

Finished lumber is ready for further transport.

The lumber is now packaged and delivered throughout Europe.

Wood residues are transported on a conveyor belt.

A conveyor belt transports the wood residues to the shredder.

There are leftover pieces of wood on a conveyor belt.

Wood residues are shredded in the shredder around the clock.

A WEIMA S7.15 is standing in front of a building. A conveyor belt with pieces of wood comes from the left. On the right there is a conveyor belt that transports the wood chips.

The WEIMA S7.15

A rotor shreds the wood blocks and wood residues.

The wood blocks and scraps are shredded.

A pile of wood chips

The wood chips are resold as fuel for power plants.

A wheel loader pours the wood chips into a truck trailer.

The wood chips are loaded and transported away once or twice a day.

"The rotor knives were even recently changed for the first time since they were installed about 2,500-2,800 operating hours ago. This has shown us once again how right it was to choose a WEIMA machine."

Stefan Arnqvist, Technical Manager at Högland Såg & Hyvleri

The best all-around -- WLK 15 SJ

The Super Jumbo series is specially designed for extreme tasks. With a rotor diameter of 700 mm and up to three rows of knives, the shredder can be used universally and guarantees maximum throughput. The fast pusher movement with the aid of turbo hydraulics also increases throughput.

The higher the requirements, the more stable a shredder must be built. For this reason, the Super Jumbo series uses steel sidewalls with a wall thickness of 40 mm. Wood waste of all kinds can be shredded without any problems using the special WAP gearbox with power ratings of up to 110 kW. Adjustable counter-knives, easy-to-maintain rotor access, a powerful drive and extra-large rotors - the machines of the S7 series are ready for anything.

A WEIMA S7.15 is standing in front of a building. A conveyor belt with pieces of wood comes from the left. On the right there is a conveyor belt that transports the wood chips.

The WEIMA S7.15

Read more about the best all-around WLK 15 SJ

WEIMA as a partner for efficient wood waste shredding

The decision to choose WEIMA as a partner was based on several factors. "On the one hand, we received a positive response from our dealer Z-Teknik at a trade fair, and on the other hand, the quality of the machines was also convincing. We were impressed by the innovative maintenance solution with the opening of the inspection flap," says Stefan Arnqvist.

WEIMA's machine is much more robust and has a rotor with a larger diameter, which leads to a more efficient shredding of the wood waste. This argument, as well as the ease of maintenance, convinced the Swedish company.

The Högland Såg & Hyvleri sawmill in the north-east of Sweden. The finished lumber is ready for transport.

The grounds of Högland Såg & Hyvleri

"The uptime of the machines and WEIMA's quick response time once service is needed strengthen our partnership. With WEIMA's wood shredder, we can now shred our wood cuttings - which normally take up a lot of space - on the side and sell them to power plants as well as companies in the region. That's added value for everyone." Stefan Arnqvist, Technical Manager at Högland Såg & Hyvleri."

Stefan Arnqvist, Technical Manager at Högland Såg & Hyvleri


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