We will not let you and your machine down.

Whether your operation is located in Europe, North America or Southeast Asia, WEIMA’s highly qualified service technicians are at your fingertips—whether by phone, video chat, email, or on-site. You can count on us to provide competent customer assistance – WEIMA is here for your machine throughout the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair processes.

Our full service portfolio:

Our service department is totally prepared to help you with the preventative maintenance of your machine. This ensures that it lasts longer into the future and that its capabilities are maximized each time you turn on the machine. We will work together to find a solution to any problems that arise and to optimize the value that a WEIMA machine can add to your operation. Through constant collaboration, we will provide you with the optimal waste management solutions and service packages.

OEM parts

Your investment in a WEIMA shredder or briquette press should provide you with long-lasting returns. Original parts will definitely help with that. Preventative maintenance—like rotating/replacing knives, counter knives, etc.—with WEIMA parts ensures that your machine will continue to be reliable and that the throughput will stay consistent. You can trust us to provide high quality, German-engineered parts for your WEIMA machine.

To make your order as easy and fast as possible, please provide us with the following machine data:

- Machine type (i.e. WL 4)
- Machine number (i.e. xxx-xxxx)

You can also send us photos and videos of the parts in advance.

Need parts? Email us here:

Service hotline

Thanks to the best technical team, it’s possible to address most technical concerns with a quick phone call to our friendly service team. You can trust WEIMA’s excellent support team’s comprehensive understanding of your specific machine’s hydraulics, mechanics and software specifications. Please have your quote number or machine number available if possible. If not, we can look it up for you.

In order to process your request as easily and quickly as possible, please have the following information ready:

- Customer number (i.e. xxxxx)
- Machine number (i.e. xxx-xxxx)

You can reach WEIMA’s service department Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Call now:

1803 802 7170

Machine upgrades & retrofitting

WEIMA shredders, briquetting and drainage presses are designed for long service lives and are particularly robustly built. Thus, we guarantee maximum operating life and safety even with intensive use and abrasive materials.

To ensure that your machine is up to date even after years of use, we offer modernization measures, machine upgrades and retrofitting.

By overhauling machine components such as adapting the cutting geometry or using stronger bearings, you benefit from significantly higher performance without high investment costs, thus ensuring your machine availability in the long term.

Your rotor no longer delivers full performance? It doesn't have to be a new one! If required, we offer a reconditioning service to breathe new life into worn parts.

Especially when shredding highly abrasive materials, your WEIMA shredder goes through a lot. In order to ensure the availability of the machine for a long time and to minimize wear and downtime, we also offer wear protection of screens and rotors. These heavy-duty additions increase the service life of the machine components many times over. Especially if the requirements for your machine have changed over the years, wear protection can be useful.

We also offer retrofit, which means upgrading or modernizing your existing machine. This way, your shredder, briquetter or drainer is always up to date with the latest technology.

Financing & trade-in

Are you looking for ideal financing? Rely on machinery and financing from a single source. Our experts will be happy to support you and work with you to find the right financing solution for your investment. With decades of experience, our consultants know the market like no other and will also help you find the right funding grants.

In addition, you can trade in your used machine with us. We will take care of the return, including disassembly as well as disposal or sale, and offset the machine value to offer you a discounted price for a new machine.

On-site machinery trials

You want to use your machine to its full potential. Our service technicians conduct many tests, mostly in the early phases, mostly so they are familiar with your application as well as the machine itself. We want to pass on this combination of know-how to you and your employees. Our technical team will join forces with you as partners in the project at hand, usually through an on-site trial using your application.

We have a variety of departments and training courses for new and expert technicians alike. Our conference rooms and hands-on training courses provide us with the opportunity to pass our size reduction know-how on to you.

WEIMA’s training centers are located at our global headquarters in Ilsfeld, Germany, as well as at our North American headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This provides the opportunity to get to know your machine in the optimal circumstances and to learn more about your specific application as it relates to size reduction.

Want to see how a WEIMA machine will stand up to your specific application? Email us at:


Get the most out of your machine with the right training. Our service technicians usually accompany many projects during the development phase, which means they are immediately familiar with your application. We would like to pass on this combined knowledge to you and your employees. We set up the machine and finally commission the system together. In addition, we also provide training videos.

On-site training with WEIMA shredder at customer facility

WEIMA on-site training

Our wide range of training courses is aimed at both beginners and experts. WEIMA is able to impart product know-how in a sustainable and professional manner. Experienced instructors provide hands-on training in optimally equipped conference rooms as well as beside the shredder, briquetter or drainer.

WEIMA's training center in Fort Mill makes it possible to get to know your machine under optimal conditions and to further expand your expertise.

Book a training now:

First class quality second hand

With used shredders, briquetting and drainage presses from WEIMA you play it safe. Refurbished and with OEM parts, they are in top condition. The special thing about this: As with the purchase of a new machine, the extensive range of training courses, function upgrades and services is available to you. You can also rely on our team of experts to answer all your questions when selling your used WEIMA.

Flatlay picture of all parts of a WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder

Did you know?
More than 70 employees worldwide take care of service matters. Of these, over 25 technicians are constantly on the road to commission or service the next machine.

Service packages

Thanks to the package pricing option, or a flat-rate yearly charge, you have the ability to plan for down time. Choose the scope of services yourself: From inspection and maintenance, to detailed reports and electrical safety checks. In addition, receive exclusive discounts on spare and wear parts. This way, you can avoid unexpected downtimes, prevent excessive wear, and guarantee production reliability. We carry out your maintenance consistently worldwide in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and document it with a checklist and a maintenance sticker – the WEIMA seal of approval.

Request your individually compiled service package right away without obligation:

WEIMA knife options

Maintenance and repair

WEIMA’s service technicians are trained to get every shredder and briquette press in our product line up and running. They know our machines like no one else can. Our training process and low turnover rates ensure that our know-how is second to none.

Service technician commissions WEIMA shredder
WEIMA technician services the hydraulic drive of a WEIMA shredder

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Regular preventative maintenance of your shredder or briquette press is an important part of keeping your machine reliable and safe—saving you both time and money. Similarly, the resale value will remain high and the machine life will increase through documented upkeep, based on the operational parameters set by WEIMA. Your output will remain consistent and your operation will save money through optimally adjusted components.

You can count on us
"Wherever you are manufacturing – highly qualified service technicians from WEIMA are always there for you. Personally on site, via our service hotline or email. You can count on competent support – from installation to inspection and maintenance, to repair of your equipment."

Davor Rebic, Field Technician at WEIMA

Spare and wear parts

Your investment in a machine from us should pay off in the long term. Original parts from WEIMA help you to achieve this. With parts tailored to your product, you can shred or compress safely, reliably and efficiently. You can rely on our worldwide logistics network – and above all on guaranteed quality of mechanical spare parts from German production. We make no compromises when it comes to hydraulic and electrical components. For this reason, we only use well-known manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, or Eaton Möller. Since we also produce our robust control cabinets ourselves, you also benefit from particularly fast availability of electronic components.

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