Efficiency and Sustainability: Boyd Manufacturing’s Success with Quis Machinery

Boyd Manufacturing, Inc.-- a furniture manufacturer specializing in pull-out beds, chairs, and ottomans for the hospitality market-- has been based in Siler City, NC since its establishment in 2012. With a strong commitment to efficiency and sustainability, Boyd Manufacturing sought a collaborative solution to optimize its production line. Boyd Manufacturing's partnership with machinery distributor, Quis Machinery, resulted in the purchase of a WEIMA shredder and other auxiliary machinery. These machinery additions resulted in remarkable improvements in waste management, productivity, and competitiveness.

The Challenge: Efficient Waste Handling

Boyd Manufacturing faced a pressing challenge related to wood waste generated during their production process. They recognized the need for a waste handling solution that would save labor, time, and costs while maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

About Boyd Manufacturing

Siler City
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Quis Machinery: A Solutions-Oriented Partnership

In their search for an ideal partner, Boyd Manufacturing found Quis Machinery, a distinguished machinery distributor known for their expertise in enhancing manufacturing operations. Quis Machinery's customer-centric approach aligned perfectly with Boyd Manufacturing's goals, making them the ideal collaborator in optimizing the company's production line.

Three people are standing and speaking with each other in a warehouse next to an orange WEIMA shredder.

Jason Dingess from Quis Machinery speaks with the Boyd Manufacturing team next to the WEIMA shredder.

Meeting the Challenge: Introducing the WEIMA Shredder

Quis Machinery recommended the integration of a cutting-edge WEIMA WL 6 single-shaft shredder, along with other auxiliary machinery, to address Boyd Manufacturing's waste management needs. The WEIMA shredder was a game-changer, enabling Boyd Manufacturing to efficiently handle wood waste while significantly reducing storage and transportation requirements.

A load of wood scrap is being dumped into a gray WEIMA shredder hopper.

Wood scrap is dumped into a WEIMA shredder hopper.

“[WEIMA] is one of my favorite lines, because it is so easy to calculate the ROI. The grinder doesn’t reduce the amount of waste created, but it drastically reduces the amount of space and labor required to store and transport that waste.”

– Jason Dingess, President and Owner of Quis Machinery

Efficient Waste Reduction and Responsible Practices

The WEIMA shredder seamlessly grinds off cuts, skeletons, and other furniture remnants, which are typically generated during Boyd Manufacturing's production process. Boyd Manufacturing has eliminated wood waste accumulation inside their facility.

A worker in the background places wood pieces in a blue bin next to a workstation.

Wood scrap is placed in a bin to be transported to the shredder.

Pieces of pre-finished furniture lay on a table.

Furniture pieces are ready for assembly.

Wooden end cuts and other wood waste inside the hopper

Wooden end cuts and other wood waste inside the hopper

Quis believes in finding the right machinery partners for their customers. Wood waste management benefits from quality machinery, excellent service, and longevity in the industry.

The addition of ductwork from Nordfab Ducting and an air filtration system from Nederman also ensured the safe removal of hazardous dust, redirecting it to a designated outdoor collection area.

A metal duct ejects shredded wood and dust into a pile outdoors.

Shredded wood and dust are discharged into an outdoor receptacle.

The Nordfab ductwork and the Nederman air system connect in a central location outside the plant.

Metal ductwork inside a warehouse

Nordfab ductwork cleanly transports wood dust and shavings across the production floor from various workstations.

A large metal tube is suspended near the ceiling of a warehouse.

Nordfab's ductwork can be found throughout the production plant.

A Nederman air system is outdoors.

A Nederman air system connects to the ductwork and transports it outdoors to be discarded safely.

A blue and yellow Nederman air system is located outside of the production plant.

The air system makes the removal of dust from the production plant possible.

A local partnership: WEIMA, Nordfab Ducting, Nederman and Quis all have headquarters in the Carolinas!

Exceeding Quality Expectations

At the core of Boyd Manufacturing's operations lies a commitment to delivering superior quality furniture. Quis Machinery proved to be an exceptional partner, fully understanding Boyd Manufacturing's objectives and recommending machinery that perfectly aligned with their goals. Through this partnership, Boyd Manufacturing not only achieved improved waste management but also experienced enhanced operational efficiency, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Unfinished wood beds stand on their sides in a warehouse.

Beds for the hospitality industry await the next step in production.

WEIMA values collaborations with distributors like Quis Machinery, who go the extra mile to understand and address customer challenges. By focusing on creative problem-solving, such partnerships yield mutual benefits for all parties involved.

Two people stand next to each other. The woods are behind them. It is a cloudy day.

Robert Brown and Jason Dingess outside the Boyd Manufacturing, Inc. facility.



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