With larger rotor diameter and conveyor belt cutout

The WLK 6 S single-shaft shredder is ideal for processing almost all plastics and paper as well as hard and resistant materials. These machines can shred plastic lumps, pipes, automotive parts, blow molded materials like PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters, buckets, paper products, cardboard, and light metals. Different configurations ensure optimum adaptation to every application. The shredder can also be ideally integrated into a two-stage solution.

Flexible control for changing material flows

WEIMA only requires one control panel to precisely control one or more machines including the conveyor system. The built-in Siemens PLC control is optimally adapted to the shredding process. Various slide controls and rotor settings can be conveniently adjusted to the desired application. All control cabinets are designed in-house and built in our German production facilities.

Perfect cutting gap thanks to adjustable counter knives

The interaction between the cutting knife and the counter knife has a significant influence on the material throughput and the shredding result. To maintain a perfect cutting gap even with natural wear, counter-knives of this series are manually adjustable as well as reversible. Optimum cutting geometry keeps shredding energy-efficient, minimizes wear costs, and significantly extends the service life of the knife.

Universally applicable V rotor for demanding applications

Many of our customers describe the profiled V rotor as a best in class for shredding. The material intake is optimally designed with two rows of knives. The V rotor stands for high throughput rates, low energy consumption, reduced thermal stress and low wear costs.

Secure data destruction at the highest level

WEIMA's WLK 10 single-shaft shredder shreds confidential documents and paper waste in seconds in the US.

Precise cut with F rotor for flexible materials

The F rotor impresses with its controlled infeed behavior and its precise cutting geometry – especially with flexible materials such as films, filaments or veneer. It can be equipped with either bolted-on or welded knife holders. In addition, a robust wear protection made of Vautid is possible for more abrasive materials.

F rotor for veneer, big bags, fibers, ropes, strings

WEIMA F rotor for flexible materials

Robust WAP-gearbox

WAP-Getriebe WEIMA Shredder
Offener Siebkorb WLK Shredder

Lift-up screen

Controlled material feeding by ram with serrated plate and segmented floor

The ram feed can be controlled manually, cyclically, or load-dependently. Depending on the application, it makes sense to supplement the classic material ram with more technical options. To prevent possible jamming and improve its guidance, the ram can be guided on rollers. In addition, WEIMA recommends the use of a segmented floor – especially for very thin materials.

Wood waste shredding at Appalachian Lumber with a WEIMA WLK 10 wood grinder

Appalachian Lumber is a family-owned business that was founded in 1982, and is located in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Wilkesboro, North Carolina (about 90 miles northwest of Charlotte). The office and plant facilities include more that 64,000 square feet of total space.

Offset rotor bearings Protect against dust and foreign matter

The shredding of particularly resistant materials requires correspondingly robust bearings that are easy to maintain. WEIMA uses long-life, spherical roller bearings, whose stable design and offset mounting from the machine frame protects against impacts and uncontrolled power transmission. Their additional shaft seal ring effectively helps against the intrusion of contaminants or dust.

Homogeneous shredding results thanks to flexible interchangeable screen

Adjust the screen to your needs. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the shredded material that is discharged. Screens can be replaced flexibly and are bolted as standard. On WLK shredders, the screen can be lifted up hydraulically. This facilitates access to the rotor and thus maintenance.

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Easy integration of conveyor technology thanks to generous belt cutout

Machines with a conveyor belt cutout make material discharge clean and efficient – ideal for production lines. For example, conveyor belts up to 600 mm wide can be seamlessly integrated. Alternatively, material can be discharged via suction or screw conveyors.

Robust electromechanical drive with in-house WAP gearbox

For most applications, electromechanical drives are the classic choice because they are easy to maintain and robust. WEIMA's special feature: we manufacture our own gearboxes that are specially designed for shredding operations. Torque monitoring and shock-absorbing vibration dampers round off the package. A hydrodynamic start-up clutch is available as an option for further protection of the machine.

More space for material discharge

by raising the machine frame
If you need more space for discharge, we recommend the optional increase of the machine frame by up to 200 mm. This makes your production even more flexible.
More space for material discharge

Even higher throughputs with turbo hydraulics

The ram of a shredder is moved back and forth hydraulically. With turbo hydraulics, this happens even faster. For continuous operation, additional oil cooling and a length measuring systems are available upon request.

Vibration damping machine feet for less vibration in the building
Thanks to compact feet made of hard rubber, there is no need to anchor the machine to the plant floor. The installation remains flexible. More importantly, disruptive vibrations that negatively affect the surrounding area are effectively avoided.

Two-stage shredding

A US plastics recycler shreds various types of plastic waste (HDPE, PP, LDPE, PE, HD) with a WLK 15 shredder and a WSM 600/1000 granulator.