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Single-shaft shredders for all kinds of plastic
Recommended materials:

The WLK 4 single-shaft shredders are ideal for the shredding of hard, rugged plastic applications. These machines can shred purge, pipes, automotive parts, blow molded materials like PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters, buckets, paper products, cardboard, and light metals. The WLK 4 has everything that the WLK-series has to offer. It can be loaded using a belt conveyor, using a forklift, or by hand. It also serves as a great pre-shredder within a two-stage shredding system.


Two-stage shredding

A WEIMA WLK 4 single-shaft shredder and an WNZ 200/600 granulator shred and granulate plastic parts and automotive carpets.


WEIMA WAP-gearbox

WAP gearbox


Innovative V-Rotor

Hopper on the WLK 4


Loading the hopper and changing screens

Screen on the WLK 4

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  • Hopper Opening (mm)
  • Rotor Diameter (mm)
  • Rotor length (mm)
  • Rotor Speed (rpm)
  • Power (kW)
  • Rotor Knives
  • Weight (approx. kg)
  • Screen Size (mm)
  • 600 x 1050
  • 270
  • 600
  • 100
  • 18.5 / 22
  • 28
  • 1300
  • 15 - 40