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Plastic is a multi-purpose material. Its characteristics range from polymer structures to rigid, high-tech products. Efficient shredding requires a lot of experience and extreme know-how.

Our plastic shredders

We have the perfect plastic shredder for you!

A WEIMA plastic shredder can handle a variety of plastics, like bulky pipes and profiles, massive purge pieces, and other production waste such as PET bottles, textile fibers, film, insulation, plastic decking, carpet, containers and crates.

WEIMA’s plastic shredders are offered with a variety of rotor types, rotor geometries, and cutting tools so that they can handle a range of plastics: from thermoplastics (PP, PE, PVC, PS, PU, and PET) to elastomers—we want to shred your material the right way.

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Success stories

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A Second Life For Lifesavers

Not all plastics are the same. Some materials pose greater challenges for recycling companies. WEIMA, the shredding specialist from Ilsfeld, has the perfect solutions for this. With two WEIMA WLK 15 Jumbo single-shaft shredders, Inoplast Kunststoff GmbH will in future be able to shred even the most technically demanding source material for the recycling process.

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Einwellen-Shredder Spider 1500

New for old – the film cycle

For a year now, the company is capable of producing its own PE granulate from film scrap by using the…

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Shredding at sea

The 368 m long and 40 m wide ship has been in operation since 1998. A striking characteristic of the…

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Rohrzerkleinerung Shredder Pipelife

PE-Recycling at its very best

Since the beginning of this year, production waste that accumulates has been shredded and recycled with a powerful 160 kW…

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Shredder und Extruder stellen Granulat her

WEIMA and Gamma Meccanica join forces in Plastics Recycling

One of those manufacturers is Gamma Meccanica. WEIMA and Gamma Meccanica have more than 50 years of combined innovation, experience,…

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Plastics Recycler Increases Capacity with WEIMA Shredder

A WEIMA WL(K) 15 shredder was installed at the front of the recycling line from the beginning. It wasn’t until…

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IBC container shredding in Manchester

Industrial Bulk Containers (IBCs) are used mainly in the chemical, food and pharmaceutics industries. Recon Packaging with over 35 years…

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WLK 30 SJ Shredder bei Graf Plastics

From very big to very small

Graf Plastics GmbH, at its Teningen plant (fig. 1) manufactures its large-volume Carat underground tanks (fig. 2) for rainwater utilization.

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Energy from old carpets

The medium-sized family business in southern England can look back on 35 years of company history. It has always concentrated…

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