Wood Scrap and Wood Waste Shredding

Wood is a valuable raw material that can be used in many different ways. At WEIMA, we offer advanced wood shredding solutions to efficiently transform wood waste into different shapes and sizes. These wood residues can be used directly to generate energy in furnaces or to produce high-quality wood briquettes. Our tailor-made solutions contribute to sustainable wood processing and minimize waste while maximizing the value of this precious raw material.

WEIMA WL 10 shredder in a production lineForklift truck tips wood waste into WEIMA WLK 15 shredderWEIMA WL 6 shredder in a carpentry workshopWEIMA WL 15 shredder shreds palletsWEIMA WL 6 S shredder is perfectly integrated into the production lineShredded material is discharged from WEIMA WL 8 shredder by air extractionWEIMA shredder in production hall

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Wood shredding at its best

Anyone who wants to produce energy from their waste in an environmentally friendly way cannot avoid the raw material wood. The residues, which are processed into wood chips by means of shredding, can be used for direct heat generation in combustion plants or for the production of briquettes.

Typical applications are all kinds of hard and soft woods, waste wood, OSB and MDF residues, veneer, plywood, stairs, doors and pallets. And don't worry. Their nails and screws are simply shredded with them. Later they can be easily separated with a magnet.


"The first WEIMA shredders of the 1980s were used for wood applications. Since then a lot has changed from a technical point of view. In the meantime we have also become experts for the corresponding conveying technology".

Fred Haller
Business Development | Wood at WEIMA

The different series and rotor variants are the top solutions for wood processors: Whether pallets, sawn timber, chipboard or MDF boards, stairs, window frames, doors or semi-finished wood products – our machines turn everything into valuable kindling.


Waste wood utilization and waste wood processing with WEIMA

No matter what you call your machine. Whether wood chipper, grinder or shredder – with a WEIMA you shred everything to the last chip and dispose of your wood waste sustainably.

As a pre-shredder, the Woodwolf is available for large-volume residual wood waste such as pallets or furniture. With our universally applicable shredders of the WL series, e.g. WL 4 or WL 15 , you can achieve highest throughputs. For even smaller material sizes we offer secondary shredders of the WNZ series .

Barrel staves shredding

WL 8 single-shaft shredder shreds wood scrap from production

WL 8 single-shaft shredder shreds wood scrap

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Material flows under control: Conveying. Separating. Storing

Thanks to our extensive experience with conveyor technology (air extraction, screw conveyors, bunker systems, conveyor belts, metal detection and metal separation), we can offer you the complete package for wood disposal and recycling from a single source. Thus, you are optimally equipped for your own energy production.

Chip bunker with screw conveyor and heap with wood chips

Chip bunker with screw conveyor


Every carpenter needs a WEIMA.

This was already the case when we were founded in the 80s and will not change in the future. All joineries, carpentries, joinery, sawmills and (industrial) furniture workshops of all sizes inevitably generate residual wood waste from production. These must be disposed of or made usable. Because: Wood is biomass raw material with future.

Burning of wood briquettes in the wood burning oven

Burning wood in the wood burning oven


Pallet shredding

One of the most common applications of wood shredding is the shredding of pallets. WEIMA offers machines specially designed for this task.

Learn more about the shredding of euro-pallets and disposable wooden pallets here:

Pallets shredding

Wood pallets shredded by a weima grinder

Pallet shredding


Possibilities for the utilization of wood waste:
1. Use wood chips for combustion
e.g. chip bunker with wood chip firing oven
2. Use wood chips for the production of biogas
e.g. wood gasification plants in bio-heat power plants
3. Briquetting shredded wood and using it for own heat generation
e.g. wood briquettes for wood stove
4. briquetting wood chips and selling them for a profit
e.g. hardware stores or private households
5. Waste wood and used wood recycling
e.g. chipboard production


Did you know?

Our sustainability initiative Destroy Responsibly™ has been around for over ten years. We support event organizers on site with waste disposal.

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Logo of WEIMA's Destroy Responsibly sustainability campaign

Why is it necessary to have homogeneous particle sizes when shredding waste wood?

A homogeneous grain size is particularly important in the thermal utilization of wood waste, since heating plants are often designed for a standardized grain size. If the particle size is not sufficiently homogeneous, wood chip heating systems operated with screw conveyors can quickly become clogged. The formation of material bridges also prevents smooth firing of the system.
In addition, the safety of the firing system can be impaired if excessively large or long chips block safety devices such as the rotary feeder.
For the production of high-density briquettes, homogeneous wood chips are essential as well. Only in this way can wood briquettes keep their shape stably without binders and glue.

Wood briquetting
Waste wood shredding

Dried wood chips from pallets

Homogenous wood chips after shredding


Optimal recycling of wood waste

No matter whether you use a planer, band saw or circular saw, sander or lathe, woodworking produces a lot of wood chips, sanding dust and sawing waste. Even in CNC machining centers, wood chips and wood dust are produced through the use of CNC machines and milling machines, which can be optimally recycled with a WEIMA shredder.

Carpenter at work

Carpenter at work with woodworking machinery


See for yourself

The WEIMA show room is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us directly in Ilsfeld. From our gallery you have the best view directly into the cutting chamber. So you can observe the shredding process live.

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Rotor of a WL 10 single-shaft shredder

Shredder in the WEIMA show room

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