‘We looked for the best’

Interview of the company Bründler with Martin Brunner (Elbau Küchen AG)

Elbau Küchen AG is specialized in high-quality individual kitchens. Its 86 employees produce between 80 and 100 kitchens each week in the modern plant in Bühler. The manufacturing methods and production plants are state-of-the-art. Carpenter’s workshops, interior fitters and kitchen studios, mainly in German-speaking Switzerland and partly abroad are the most important customers.

Filling the WLK 13 WEIMA shredder

Not only the production but also the associated areas such as suction, chipping disposal and compressed air installations must satisfy the high demands. We looked for a new make as the current chopper no longer fulfilled the increased demands. We got the initial information from the Internet:

“We looked for a manufacturer offering experience and reliable service. A supplier finally told us about the German market leader “WEIMA.” Our demands were: Processing capacity of 6 m3 a day, the possibility of also chopping up large parts up to 1,200 x 800 mm and the lowest possible noise and dust emission and in particular, a simple, safe filling of the container. The requirement was therefore for a safe robust machine.The first discussion was positive. The WEIMA adviser assured the compliance of these conditions. He ruled out not only the benefits but also indicated possible problems such as ‘bridging effect’.”

Martin Brunner next to his WL 13

“As the price/performance ratio with the next offer was also correct, we decided to purchase the WEIMA chopper, type WL 13. The high-performance machine with a 1,300 mm wide rotor shaft and the specially large hopper has now been running since summer 2011 to our complete satisfaction. The employees appreciate the simple filling and the relatively low noise level. We are very pleased about the low energy costs compared with the earlier less powerful chopper. We had a malfunction in the beginning but the factory service quickly sorted it out. It is important for us to have WEIMA and the BRÜNDLER agency as partners who are also able to provide a high-power service. The decision to purchase the WEIMA chopper was the right one.”

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