Stackable briquettes from wood scraps

Wood briquette presses | Briquetting presses for heating energy

Our briquetting presses are highly specialized machines for efficient wood briquetting. They transform valuable wood waste into compact briquettes that are ideal for self-use as heating energy or for profitable sale. With their outstanding performance and reliability, they can process various types and sizes of wood waste, from wood chips to sawdust to shavings.

Wood briquette presses | Briquetting presses for heating energy Wood briquette presses | Briquetting presses for heating energy Wood briquette presses | Briquetting presses for heating energy
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Future-oriented and environmentally conscious

Wood shavings briquetting with a WEIMA TH 1200

A WEIMA TH 1200 briquetting press compacts wood shavings into solid briquettes.

The economic added value for the entire furniture industry as well as for sawmills and planing mills, joineries and carpentries: In the case of wood, a volume reduction of up to 90 percent is possible – regardless of whether the wood is hard or soft solid wood, chipboard or plywood, multiplex, OSB or MDF as chips, shavings, sawdust or sanding dust.

In times of increasingly scarce raw materials and a rapid increase in the cost of energy and heat supply, the utilization of waste wood is of enormous importance. Waste from the wood processing and woodworking industry is a valuable raw material that can be efficiently used in briquette form as a fuel for energy or heat generation.

Advantages through briquetting

1. Volume reduction of up to 90 % of the starting material
2. Reduction of dust emission
3. High pressing pressure for high briquette density
4. Reduction of fire and explosion hazard
5. Better residue handling
6. Minimized disposal costs
7. Reduction of transport and storage costs
8. User-friendly design
9. High maintenance friendliness

Passion for wood waste recycling

Wood chips and sawdust accumulate daily in trade and industrial companies and take up an enormous amount of space during storage and transport. Compact briquettes are not only space-saving, but also easier to transport and, in contrast to loose material, less inflammable. With WEIMA briquetting presses you can produce compact briquettes and use them to generate heating energy, for example in a heating oven.

Burning round wood briquettes in a wood burning oven

Burning round wood briquettes

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Did you know?
Two kilograms of wood briquettes can replace a whole liter of heating oil.

Free from additives

By processing, i.e. shredding and drying to water contents of usually less than 10 %, compacted wood residues achieve a high degree of homogeneity through briquetting. Due to the cross-linking of wood fibres and the adhesive effect of the wood's own ingredients (e.g. lignin, wax), WEIMA wood briquettes are dimensionally stable without any added binders.

Dimensionally stable wood briquettes

Solid briquettes made of wood

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The WEIMA show room is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us directly in Ilsfeld.

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Packed high-density wood briquettes for sale

Packed, ready for sale wood briquettes

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