Briquettes for carbon negative production

Sustainability is a top priority at Ecodek. In order to achieve the company goal of carbon negative production, the British company relies on briquetting production waste with a WEIMA C 140 briquetting press.

Since 2002, Ecodek in Wrexham, Wales, has been producing low-maintenance composite flooring and fencing. The British market leader for wood polymer products produces more than 1 million running meters of decking annually, using around 3,600 tons of recycled wood and plastic. The products consist of 95 percent recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable. Not only are the products environmentally friendly, but Ecodek also strives for sustainability in its design and production.


The road to climate neutrality

Ecodek uses an extraction and filter system and a WEIMA C 140 briquetting press to press dust into briquettes


The production waste was originally only collected by a dust extraction system and transported to landfill sites in bags sites. This was not in line with the company’s mission statement.

Initially, the challenge was to find a way to recycle the waste material and then reuse it in the production process – thus establishing a closed-loop economy.

Fercell, a dealer for WEIMA shredders and briquetting presses in Great Britain, was able to help. The production processes, especially the existing dust extraction system, were thoroughly examined. The solution to achieving the environmental goals of the decking manufacturer? The briquetting of the fine dust into dense and solid briquettes that can be easily reused.

The compact WEIMA C 140 briquetting press for carbon negative production

The compact WEIMA C 140 briquetting press

Low maintenance and compact design: the C 140 briquetting press


Together with the customer, Fercell developed a unit that meets the environmental requirements of the market leader. This includes a highly efficient extraction and filter system that conveys the dust via an inclined screw conveyor directly into the WEIMA C 140 briquetting press. This completely sealed system guarantees completely emission-free handling of the dust.

The briquetting press C 140 is particularly user-friendly with an automatic start-stop system and briquette length control. With a throughput capacity of 40 kilograms per hour, the press is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Virtually any suitable material can be briquetted, such as wood, polystyrene, foam, paper or biomass. With the C 140, Ecodek transforms the fine dust into solid briquettes – naturally without the addition of binders. This saves space and a considerable amount of material can be returned to production that would previously have been disposed of in landfills.

The briquetting of the waste material is therefore ideally suited to the company’s sustainable concept. Ecodek not only manufactures its products climate-neutrally, but also binds more CO2 than is emitted.

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