Metal chips recycling and briquette presses for aluminum waste

Take advantage of the numerous benefits of WEIMA metal briquetting. With our specialized technology, you can efficiently transform metal waste, whether it’s punchings, chips, scrap, or other metallic remnants, into compact briquettes. These briquettes are easy to store and transport, saving space and reducing disposal costs.

Metal chips recycling and briquette presses for aluminum waste Metal chips recycling and briquette presses for aluminum waste Metal chips recycling and briquette presses for aluminum waste
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Metal briquetting as part of the recycling cycle

Metal briquettes offer numerous advantages: Optimized storage and more efficient transport through volume reduction as well as cost-effective further processing. The briquetting process for metals also enables the recovery of expensive cooling lubricants, residual oils and emulsions, which are then fed back into the cooling or lubrication circuit. The resulting metal briquettes can be melted down directly, whereby they sink down in the melting process and thus melt with less slag formation and burn-off.


WEIMA not only briquettes light metals such as aluminum and magnesium, but also copper, brass and bronze, as well as sawing and milling waste from steel. Even special alloys in powder form, slag compounds, battery waste or grinding sludge from the most diverse materials can be briquetted without any problems. The briquetting process for metals provides an optimal starting point for the further processing or sale of pressed metal chips.


Waste material in top form
Briquetted metal waste has up to 90 percent less volume than loose metal chips.


Advantages of briquetting

1. Direct and efficient melting down of the metal briquettes with significantly less burn-up
2. Volume reduction of up to 90% of the starting material
3. High pressing pressure for high briquette density
4. Better residue handling
5. Minimized disposal costs
6. Reduction of transport and storage costs
7. User-friendly design
8. High ease of maintenance

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Metal recycling – WEIMA makes it possible

WEIMA briquette presses can be individually configured according to the desired throughput and intended use. The compact presses can stand alone or be installed in a production plant.

Aluminium briquette with WEIMA embossing

Aluminium briquette with embossing

Briquettes from steel

Steel briquettes


WEIMA offers the entire performance spectrum of briquette presses for small metalworking companies with a capacity from approx. 40 kg/h up to high-performance presses for industrial companies with a capacity of up to 400 kg/h.


Shredding and briquetting of metal waste

In metal recycling, the shredding of the metal waste is often the first step in the recycling cycle. Depending on its composition and shape, it is necessary to shred the residual metal before briquetting. This results in a homogeneous piece material which can be processed further in an optimal way. Shredding and further preparatory processing steps such as cleaning of the metal chips contribute significantly to the production of higher quality metal briquettes.

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Briquettes made of light metal are easily stackable

Light metal briquettes

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