Plastic film recycling with WEIMA Shredder and EREMA extruder

Why we recommend a shredder in front of a plastic recycling extruder

Advantages of a pre-shredding materials before extrusion

Plastic recyclers worldwide use a single-stage or two-stage size reduction system before material is fed into an extruder. This is not only beneficial for the capacity of the entire recycling line. Using a shredder reduces wear and power consumptions of the extruder and provides operators with much more flexibility when it comes input materials (e.g. changing from lumps to plastic films or fibers).


For a recycling project at RKW in Belgium, WEIMA teamed up with extrusion specialist NGR.

In a nutshell: That's why you need a shredder in front of your extrusion machine:

  • Capacity of extruder is increased by up to 15-20 %
  • Reduction of electric consumption and wear on extrusion machine
  • Less manual labor, more flexibility
  • Easy material feeding
  • Flexible use of shredder for different applications (e.g. bulky materials)

Reduced PCU cutting

With a shredder, the Preconditioning Unit (PCU) has significantly less work to do und thus works more stable.
Stable means less temperature variation in the PCU, which results to consistently high feeding/filling ratio of the extruder screw.
Less cutting in the PCU = Longer Lifetime of the PCU knives = Less downtime for changing knives and less costs.

Fiberon plastic recycling line with WEIMA shredder

Fiberon plastic recycling line with WEIMA shredder

Sample calculation. Let's do the maths!

Average extruder capacity without shredder: 1,000 kg/hr
Average extruder capacity WITH shredder: at least 1,200 kg/hr
8,000 hours/year x 1,200 kg = 1,600 additional tons/year!

Less manual labor to feed the extruder. More flexibility for the operator.

You can use the hopper of the shredder as a buffer. Gives the operator the possibility to feed the hopper infrequently with big quantities of material and let the automatic Stop/Start system automatically feed the downstream extruder. This avoids the need of a second full-time operator (necessary for machines with throughput over 350 kg/h) who feeds the material homogenously on the conveyor belt of the extruder, which in this case is necessary to achieve stable PCU process.

Also, feeding of bulky material is easier. Feeding is possible by forklift, wheel loader, feeding conveyor or manually. The WEIMA discharge conveyor can be equipped with magnet roll to remove small FE particles automatically before EREMA metal detector.

erema extrusion machine with expert recycling employee

Erema extrusion line at Expert Recycling

Shredder in front of an extrusion system for advanced recycling

Recycling starts with us. Plastic shredding with WEIMA

WEIMA delivers over 1,000 machines per year. Many of them are used for inhouse recycling, post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste recycling. You can find an excerpt of current reference projects here:

Veolia Aufderhaar Plastics Recycling, Netherlands
CeDo Recycling, Netherlands
Stiphout Plastics, Netherlands
Remondis Sweden, Sweden

Did you know?
Putting a shredder before a recycling extruder (like EREMA or GAMMA MECHANICA) can lead to a capacity increase of 15-20 % for the recycling extruder.

Avoiding the risks of foreign objects

The robust design of WEIMA shredders makes them less sensitive to metal contamination in comparison with an extrusion line and of course easier/cheaper to repair in case of foreign objects entering the cutting chamber. Furthermore, the discharge conveyor can be equipped with magnet roll to remove small FE particles automatically before EREMA metal detector.

The flexible use of shredders for different applications (e.g. bulky materials, lumps, films, rigid plastics) gives recyclers a lot of flexibility and more possibilities regarding input materials.

Separated foreign material (nails)

Separated foreign material (nails)

Big bag recycling with WEIMA shredder and Erema extrusion line

Big bag recycling with WEIMA shredder and Erema extrusion line

metal detection magnet on top of a shredder infeed conveyor

Metal detection before shredding

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References worldwide.

These companies make use of a WEIMA shredding system in front of their extrusion line:

Healix, Netherlands

DIAXON, Greece

Thrace, Greece

Fiberon, USA

True Plastics, USA

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Palmetto Synthetics, USA

Halyard Health, USA

Romcarbon, Romania

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WEIMA headquarters location Ilsfeld in Germany

WEIMA headquarters Ilsfeld (Germany)

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Rendered image of WEIMA PowerLine 3000 single-shaft shredder with X-Ray view of the machine components

WEIMA PowerLine 3000 waste shredder