IBC container shredding in Manchester

The Manchester (England)-based company Reckon Packaging Limited is a leading manufacturer of HDPE synthetic containers in the United Kingdom. A WLK 15 shredder from WEIMA was recently commissioned there. The aim was to efficiently shred and recycle IBCs that could not be reused.

Industrial Bulk Containers (IBCs) are used mainly in the chemical, food and pharmaceutics industries. Recon Packaging with over 35 years of company history has since 1990 been concentrating on the offer of complete solutions including also the processing of already used containers. They will be professionally cleaned, reconditioned and then sold.

Picture 1: WEIMA WLK 15 single-shaft shredder

IBCs that cannot however be used due to a defect will be properly recycled on location. They must first be freed from their protective metal frame before the containers are cut into flat sections. This is followed by the actual shredding, which takes place using a WEIMA WLK 15 single-shaft shredder with a 90 kW power unit and an innovative V rotor. The shredded material can finally be reused as raw material for manufacturing new containers.

Recon Packaging says that they are more able to manage waste flows thanks to the shredding. Using a shredder considerably reduces the workload whereby the operational and working costs can also be drastically reduced. The container recycling also enables us to benefit from minimal transport costs as sale value of the raw materials. While previously only a few defective containers with bulky air on the inside could be loaded, the volume reduction now leads to a considerable amount of space saving.

Picture 2: IBCs on Recon Packaging premises

Thomas Cornforth, Managing Director at Recon Packaging is also particularly enthusiastic about the ecological aspects: “The environment has already always played a special role in the decision to purchase machines and installations, specifically regarding the efficient use of energy. The WLK 15 shredder from WEIMA is the ideal solution for us. We are very satisfied with the organization of the project and the customer service. The through-puts have therefore more than fulfilled our expectations.”

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