doTERRA Utilizes WEIMA Shredder to Reduce Waste and Increase Profit

doTERRA is a company committed to the well-being of its customers and the environment. As part of its sustainability goals, this major essential oils brand sought to reduce the amount of waste that was being sent to landfills. Specifically, the production team needed to find a solution for the bulky polypropylene barrels used to transport essential oils before packaging. Fortunately, they found a solution with a WEIMA single-shaft shredder.

A holistic corporate mission

Leading essential oils company, doTERRA, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Established in 2008, its mission is “to share the highest-quality essential oils with the world.” With over 3 million wellness advocates globally, doTERRA utilizes a direct sales model to distribute its products, which include essential oils and other natural wellness items.

About doTERRA

Salt Lake City
WL 6

Waste diversion and ROI through shredding

The shredder doTERRA installed in 2022 is a WEIMA WL 6 single-shaft shredder with V-Rotor technology. This compact model was a great fit, allowing them to shred the barrels into small particles quickly and efficiently without taking up much space. The machine is also easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

Learn more about the WEIMA WL 6 single-shaft shredder. Click here

The benefits of shredding

The WEIMA machine provides a solution that allows doTERRA to shred the barrels into 50 mm particles, which makes them easier to transport and process. The cost of the machine will be offset over time by the savings generated from not having to pay for the barrels to be taken to the landfill.

Moreover, the company sees an additional return on investment from selling the shredded material to a recycler.

Environmental and economical

By diverting these barrels from landfills, doTERRA also reduces its carbon footprint. The shredder's technology enables the production team to shred the barrels into small particles that can be recycled, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. These particles can then be repelletized by the recycler and made into new plastic goods.

The future looks green

The integration of a WEIMA shredder into doTERRA’s production process not only helped the company reduce its environmental impact but also provided a financial benefit. This installation of the WEIMA shredder is a testament to doTERRA's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The use of the shredder showcases their willingness to invest in innovative solutions that support their mission of sharing high-quality essential oils with the world.


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