TH 814 / 820

Multi-talent for high-density 80 mm briquettes

The TH 814 / 820 machines are designed for plants requiring throughput rates of up to 180 kg per hour. Highly compact briquettes are possible with this sturdy press housing with materials such as; wood, polystyrene, foam, light alloy, paper or biomass. Numerous options available to include; oil cooling allowing multi-shift operation. All machines available as left or right-hand design. Mounting on a sturdy base frame ensures rapid installation and possible mobile use.

Screw conveyor resistant to impurities due to cardanic suspension

The screw conveyor, which transports the material into the pre-compactor of the briquetting press, is suspended on a cardan joint. This prevents foreign materials from causing damage to the screw conveyor. As is so often the case, however, it always depends on the specific application which suspension is chosen. For metal applications, for example, we often recommend rigidly mounted screws.

Precise cylinder control thanks to contactless proximity switches

The cylinders are controlled electrically via a no-contact proximity switch. The limit switches are located at the front and rear positions, so movements are very precise and maintenance costs are low due to low wear.

Low-wear pressing process thanks to wear sleeve and plates

To minimize unavoidable wear during the briquetting process, WEIMA uses easy-to-change PU plates bolted to the filling cylinder for pre-compaction in the filling tower. In addition, a specially hardened inlay, the so-called wear sleeve, is used in the pressing chamber below. It can also be replaced quickly. Overall, this significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Customized machine configuration by means of modular design
Machine components (press unit, hydraulics, hopper as well as accessories) can be individually combined and flexibly integrated into your existing production plant. Almost any set-up can be realized, such as the combination of a press and hydraulic unit installed in the building with a chip hopper outside, or an oil cooling system for use in multi-shift operation. Duo, Trio or Quattro versions are also available to increase throughput and availability.

Different hopper sizes for every application

For briquette presses of the TH Standard series you have the choice between three hopper sizes: 1,040 x 1,040 mm, 1,400 x 1,400 mm or 2,000 x 2,000 mm for particularly large buffer volumes. The pressing and hydraulic unit can be installed on the left or right side of the machine, depending on requirements. To produce briquettes in automatic mode, the feed hopper can also be equipped with a fill level monitoring system. With its help, the machine switches off automatically when the filling level falls below a certain level.

Ready for multi-shift operation thanks to optional oil cooling

To compensate for temperature differences in the hydraulic oil, the briquetting presses can be equipped with a special hydraulic oil cooling system (air or water cooling). This ensures that the maximum operating temperature of the oil of 75°C is not exceeded even during uninterrupted three-shift operation. A safety switch automatically switches off the hydraulic systems in the event of overheating to prevent damage.

Paper recycling in North Carolina

WEIMA WLK 13 shredder and TH 714 briquette press recycle paper and all-purpose wipes.

Compact briquettes with 50 mm Ø with low-maintenance clamping technology

The hydraulically precisely-controlled pressing clamp in the front area of the pressing mechanism with its specially hardened pressing cylinder ensures high-strength, round briquettes with a diameter of 50 mm. The proven technical system has been used by thousands of customers worldwide for decades. And WEIMA is constantly developing it further.

Uniform, high-quality briquettes due to briquette length monitoring

The length of the briquettes produced can be adjusted individually, from half the diameter to 1.5 times the diameter. The supplied standard briquette length monitoring with proximity switch ensures that the briquette length always remains constant – even with changing material flows.

Dust-reduced pre-compaction thanks to closed system

The loose material is pre-compacted vertically by a filling slide in the filling tower, which results in an initial volume reduction. Since it is a closed system, the escape of dust is efficiently prevented. This increases safety in the company and protects the health of employees.

Highly recommended: WEIMA wood briquettes

WEIMA briquetting press TH 514 compacts wood dust into high strength briquettes with 50 mm diameter

Low-impact operation thanks to end-position cushioned hydraulic cylinders

Fast backward movements of the cylinders are optimized by stroke cushioning. This has a positive effect on the service life of the components.

Temperature-monitored hydraulic unit for long service life

The hydraulic unit has a separate oil tank with pump motor and complete valve control. The compact design right next to the material hopper makes the entire briquetting press extremely space-saving and efficient in design.

User-friendly operation thanks to Siemens PLC control

To live up to our performance promise, we design and produce all control cabinets ourselves at our Ilsfeld site and equip them with well-known brand components. This guarantees the highest quality with a compact design. The used PLC-control from Siemens is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the briquetting process.

Safe, low-vibration footing due to robust machine frames and rubber feet

All WEIMA briquetting presses are supplied with vibration-dampening machine feet made of hard rubber. They ensure a safe footing without the machine having to be anchored to the floor. This makes the entire installation extremely flexible and convenient. A sturdy welded base frame creates an operator- and maintenance-friendly, low installation height.

Briquette paper dust

WEIMA briquetting press TH 820 produces briquettes from paper / cellulose filter dust


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