TH 1500 – Briquette Press

Your benefits

  • Powerful matrix pressing unit
  • Position sensor regulates cylinder movement
  • Large hopper as a buffer
  • Dust collection port with end-position cushioned cylinder
  • Switch box with SPS control
  • Jam-free design
  • Separated oil tank with pump motor
  • Valve control
  • Safety control for oil temperature
  • Sturdy base frame with rubber feet

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watch it work!

The briquetting press TH 1500 presses all  compressible materials in an especially hardened form. The briquette formed in this way is very dense in shape and is ejected in turns. The axial piston pump of the hydraulic system is driven by an energy-efficient 30 kW motor. The throughput rate is determined by the specific weight of the material, the length and the compression. The TH 1500 is available with a hopper of 1.400 x 1.400 mm, an ideal buffer. The most characteristic element of this machine is the press form in which the pressing operation takes place. The motion sequence of the cylinders and the form are monitored and controlled by means of a position sensor. This enables an exact positioning, making it during normal operation impossible for the material to get stuck and jammed. The material can be fed in a large storage hopper, from which it is dosed and supplied by an agitator and a feeder worm screw. The pressing operation then takes place in the closed form. Thus extremely high material densities can be achieved.

Briquette diameter (mm)
Throughput rate (kg/h)
Hydraulic motor (kW)
Screw motor (kW)
Hydraulic oil charge (l)
Weight (approx. kg)
Weima TH 1500
TH 1500
150 x 60
Weima TH 2800
TH 2800
280 x 140
Weima TH 3400
TH 3400
340 x 340

Machine Highlights

  • Pressing unit: Extremely high density, hardened version also available

    SPS-Control: Siemens control guarantees easy usability and energy efficient briquetting

    Position sensor: Regulates cylinder movement, exact positioning possible, prevents jamming

    Hydraulics: Axial piston pump, energy efficient drive, separated oil tan, with cooling

  • Hydraulics with separated oil tank: Temperature controlled hydraulic unit, complete valve control, pump engine for long operating time

    Press Form: With individual logo option, replaceable in case of wear

    Oil cooling: Keeps oil at constant operating temperature, prevents overheating of hydraulic components



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