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      PreCut 2500

      The pre-shredder

      The PreCut single-shaft shredders (pre-shredders) are built to handle unsorted, highly contaminated waste streams. This machine is the ideal first step for a multi-stage waste processing system. After unsuitable material has been sorted out, the pre-shredded material can be further processed in optimum form. Ideal for multi-stage processing with high throughput. The PreCut ensures optimum preconditioning of the material for further processing steps such as sorting, classification and separation.

      The mechanical-biological waste handling process is a standard method for residual waste. Burnable materials can be prepared in a way so that they can be used as energy. This machine is the first step in an operation with a variety of materials to process. After the foreign materials (such as stones and metal) have been sorted out, only what remains will enter the hopper, and the first step in the size reduction process can begin!


      Heavy-duty: Shredding of heavy rubber mats


      100 x 100 mm knives

      View of the Hägglunds hydraulic drive of the WEIMA shredder

      Powerful hydraulic drive from Hägglunds


      PreCut hydraulic drive


      Touch-screen PLC control


      Extreme shredders: pulper rope and waste


      Comb screen


      PreCut rotor


      EBS-waste shredding for Holcim/Geocycle in Indonesia

      Technical data

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      • Rotor Diameter (mm)
      • Rotor length (mm)
      • Rotor Speed (rpm)
      • Power (kW)
      • Rotor Knives
      • Available knife sizes (mm)
      • Fraction size (mm)
      • Deliver feed (mm)
      • Length (mm)
      • Width (mm)
      • Height (mm)
      • Weight (approx. kg)
      • Wall thickness (mm)
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