PreCut 2500

Pre-shredder with 2,500 mm working width

The PreCut 2500 single-shaft shredder (pre-shredder) features very high throughput rates and ensures optimum material conditions for the next stage of shredding, such as sorting, classification and separation.

The mechanical-biological waste handling process is a standard method for residual waste. Burnable materials can be prepared in a way so that they can be used as energy. This machine is the first step in an operation with a variety of materials to process. After the foreign materials (such as stones and metal) have been sorted out, only what remains will enter the hopper, and the first step in the size reduction process can begin!


MSW waste shredders | WEIMA PreCut 2000 and PowerLine 2500 @Sunchang Energy

A WEIMA PreCut 2000 single-shaft shredder pre-shreds municipal solid waste for the production of refuse-derived fuels (RDF). Secondary shredding happens with a WEIMA PowerLine 2500 single-shaft shredder. Both shredders are equipped with a hydraulic drive by Hägglunds Bosch Rexroth.


Flexible adjustment of cutting parameters with Siemens S7 PLC control

We manufacture our control cabinets ourselves in our German factories, using only brand-name components. With the large touch display, you have all important data and settings at your fingertips. The flexible adjustment of parameters such as the rotor speed or the ram movement is thus easily possible. For challenging conditions, we recommend optional control cabinet cooling.


Plenty of space for maintenance work thanks to hydraulic inspection flap

The shredders can be opened outward on both sides via a flap or door – at the front for work on the screen and at the rear for direct rotor access. This facilitates routine maintenance, such as knife rotation, or optimization of the cutting gap. Foreign materials can also be easily removed manually. Down times are reduced to a minimum.


RDF waste shredding for Holcim / Geocycle in Indonesia

Two WEIMA pre-shredders PreCut 2000 and two WEIMA secondary shredders <a href=" FineCut 2500 are used at Holcim. They shred the delivered industrial waste to a homogeneous size before it is finally burned as fuel in the course of cement production.


Consistently high-quality cuts with SuperCut cutting gap adjustment

The counter knives are user-friendly, adjustable from the outside via a screw system, and can be easily reversed when worn. In addition, they are protected by cover plates and positioned at an angle for an even more aggressive cut.


Load-dependent feeding for maximum throughput with swing ram

Material is fed to the rotor with a swing ram. The swing attachment, which is located on the outside of the pre-shredder, ensures maximum cutting chamber size. The swing ram can optionally be equipped with an additional pressing feature to hold the material more firmly against the rotor. In addition, turbo hydraulics are used for faster swing arm movements and result in higher throughputs.


Always lubricated bearings thanks to automatic central lubrication
The central lubrication system mounted on the side of the machine frame ensures that rotor bearings, swingarm bearings, screen bearings and inspection flap bearings are always optimally lubricated. This eliminates the need for manual lubrication by hand pump.


Textile shredding with a WEIMA PreCut 3000 @Tosung, South Korea

A powerful WEIMA PreCut 3000 single-shaft shredder shred old textiles at Tosung in Chilgok, South Korea.


PreCut rotor developed for pre-shredding

The massive PreCut rotor is ready for anything. It has Vautid wear protection as standard, which makes it particularly resistant to foreign matter. The screwed-on octagonal cutting blades have an edge length of 100 or 130 mm – the largest in the entire WEIMA portfolio. Due to the good accessibility, the rotor can still be maintained comfortably. Speeds are adjustable from 5 - 120 rpm.


Secure footing on any terrain with level, heavy duty feet

Even if your production surfaces are not one hundred percent level: Thanks to our standard, adjustable heavy duty feet, the machine is guaranteed to have a firm hold.


Heavy duty: Shredding heavy rubber mats


Easy integration into production lines or as a stand-alone solution
Optimally connected: WEIMA shredders have all common interfaces to ensure fast integration into existing production lines. Thousands of system solutions in cooperation with plant engineering partners worldwide speak for themselves. The elevated base frame offers plenty of space for all common conveyor belts – perfect for transporting shredded material away.


The right drive makes the difference – Hydraulic or high-torque?

You have the choice: our PreCut shredders are available with a Hägglunds hydraulic drive or a high-torque drive by Baumüller. Your individual application always decides which one is the right one.

Haegglunds hydraulic drive attached to WEIMA shredder

Hydraulic drive unit


Heavy duty screen for extreme applications

Pre-shredders have a firmly bolted screen basket with replaceable rungs. This results in extreme stability and sturdiness.


Extreme shredding: Pulper ropes and waste

Plastika Kritis shredder WEIMA PreCut 3000 with wheel loader
Pulper Waste Rejects feeding into WEIMA shredder

Pre-shredding or post-shredding? WEIMA offers solutions for both tasks

Our shredders are uncompromising against waste and create the conditions for your RDF production to run smoothly. WEIMA offers both pre- and post-shredders for all stages of processing. 40 mm thick side walls make our machine frames particularly solid. Variable equipment and sizes allow exact adaptation to any special requirement.

Shredding dirty agricultural stretch film (LLDPE) with a WEIMA PreCut 3000 shredder

A WEIMA PreCut 3000 single-shaft shredder with hydraulic drive shreds post-agricultural stretch film (LLDPE) for further recycling processing.


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