30 percent lower energy costs thanks to Baumüller high-torque drive

Company Ilsfeld, 22.04.21

In-house recyclers often approach WEIMA with extremely ambitious goals in terms of throughput, energy efficiency and robustness. For good reason: Together with its partners, the shredding specialist from Ilsfeld always develops individual solutions for customers - from the drive concept to the cutting geometry and hopper shape, all the way to automation and interconnection with other components within a processing line.

For a particularly tricky application in plastics recycling, WEIMA recently installed a high-torque drive from Baumüller. And with great success: Compared to a conventional drive, up to 30 percent lower energy costs are achieved here.


In order to achieve a throughput of up to four tons per hour with the WEIMA WKS 2200 single-shaft shredder, a powerful drive is absolutely essential. This requirement was met through very good speed consistency of the Baumüller drive. When shredding rigid plastic parts, enormous forces are exerted on the shredder. To ensure that the machine is constantly operational, the key components must be particularly robust. This is where the high-torque drive from Baumüller shines: there are fewer wear parts, as the hoses and also the gearbox are eliminated.

Casco do rotor Vautid

Revestimento de rotor Vautid


"The biggest advantage of the engine is its energy efficiency."

Stefan Roth
Development and design manager at WEIMA


By using direct drive technology, energy consumption can thus be reduced by up to thirty percent. In addition, the drive is very easy to regulate and control. As the speed decreases, the torque increases – an enormous advantage for the shredding process. The low noise level also speaks in favor of the drive from Baumüller.

High-torque drive from Baumüller

Acionamento de alto binário da Baumüller

High torques from standstill


For a Scandinavian customer, WEIMA relies on the DST2-315 high-torque motor with solid shaft and a servo drive of the type b maXX 5500 for a WKS 2200 shredder. In addition to the space-saving, compact, water-cooled components, the decisive factors for Baumüller were the application know-how and the high torques that can be generated from standstill with the Baumüller torque motors.

x-ray view of the WEIMA W5.18 single-shaft shredder

WEIMA W5 shredder interior view


A belt was used for the transmission of the direct drive, which transmits the force to the rotor and thus drives the cutting tool. Due to the connection of the rotor shaft via the belt, the Baumüller motor must be able to absorb radial forces of up to 40,000 N. This can be easily ensured by a special bearing and the corresponding validation based on vibration measurements. With this solution, vibrations can be compensated for and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. This high-torque motor is ideal for shredding lines due to its good concentricity properties. It is also robust, space-saving and energy-efficient.

Source: Baumüller, Anja Andraschko

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