WEIMA presents the robust WLK 1000 Plastic Shredder

Just in time for FAKUMA 2018, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH presents the powerful WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder. This specially developed universal shredder impresses with its high throughput and flexibility in daily handling. Whether large start-up lumps, production waste, containers, fibres or films, large-volume plastic parts made of PE, PP, PVC, PU or PE - the WLK 1000 shreds everything.

The WEIMA WLK 1000 Shredder scores above all with its robust and 55 kW strong drive. It can significantly increase the energy efficiency per tonne of material. The speed of the rotor can be infinitely adjusted with a frequency converter, even material changes are no longer a challenge. The machine can always be fully filled.

WEIMA WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder

WEIMA WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder


The shredder can also score points in combination with granulators or extruders. The rotor can be precisely controlled. This means that the stop-and-go automatic of downstream production machines can be used efficiently and more gently.

Various equipment variants of the WEIMA WLK 1000 Shredder guarantee optimum adaptation to every application and impress with the improved V-rotor with 370 mm diameter which is equipped with 78 cutting blades in three rows. The gap adjustment on the V-rotor enables first-class shredding results. WLK shredders can be fed by conveyor belt, stacker or manually.

WEIMA WLK 1000 V-Rotor

Another significant feature is the optimized design with a hydraulically downward swivelling sieve.  This greatly simplifies accessibility and maintenance.

The innovative design of the Log-Spacer funnel makes it possible to shred even particularly large parts without material bridges forming.

Another highlight of the WLK 1000: the segmented floor guide. The slider that guides the material to the rotating rotor is guided much more precisely. At the same time, it is no longer possible to jam material, especially when thin foils or fibres are involved.

The direct filling takes place via an optimally designed low loading edge by conveyor belt, grab or directly via wheel loader and is therefore easy to operate.

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