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      Thinking about winter in summer – the smart wood trader thinks ahead

      Success Stories Ilsfeld, 19 March 2021

      With a WEIMA WL 13 single-shaft shredder and a TH 820 briquetting press, Hutchings Timber makes clever use of wood waste to save costs, sustainably heat premises and sell briquettes profitably.


      For over 30 years, Hutchings Timber in Deal, Kent, UK, has been providing everything craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts could wish for. The leading timber merchant has an extensive portfolio. In addition to classic wood building materials such as sawn timber, planed or treated wood, wood trim, panels, hardwood or softwood, and paneling, Hutchings Timber also offers decorative items, doors, gardening materials, tools, and paint.

      WEIMA wood grinder with air extraction system

      WL 13 single-shaft shredder for wood waste with air extraction at Hutchings Timber


      Timber merchant counts on sustainability

      When it comes to products, however, Hutchings Timber not only emphasizes quality, but also sustainability. For example, the family business only uses and sells timber grown in the UK. This supports the local economy and reduces the ecological footprint of the products immensely. With a holistic approach, the products offered, supply chains, but also the production in the own company are regularly reviewed by the company itself. With the latest investments, the long-established family business shows that the course is set for the future.

      Dried wood chips from pallets

      Homogenous wood chips after shredding

      Safely controlling hazardous wood dust


      Wood is and remains one of the most important natural and ecological materials. Wood waste, as well as wood dust generated during wood processing, are well-known problems. While bulky wood scrap occupies valuable storage space or requires expensive disposal, wood dust poses a much higher risk: It is highly flammable, explosive and endangers the health of workers on the store floor.


      In order to minimize these problems and dangers in the future, Hutchings Timber some time ago commissioned Fercell, the British dealer for WEIMA machines located only an hour's drive to the west, to optimize the use of all production waste. In addition to an extraction system and a chip silo including filter, Fercell was able to install two machines from WEIMA. A WEIMA WL 13 single-shaft shredder and a TH 820 briquetting press are now part of the company's machinery.


      Robust and energy-efficient: WEIMA WL 13 single-shaft chipper for wood waste

      With a working width of 1,300 mm and a rotor diameter of 370 mm, the WL 13 chipper shreds accumulating production waste such as wood scrap, offcuts or pallets into homogeneous wood chips. A robust and low-maintenance electromechanical drive powers the chipper. The unique feature: The WAP gearbox is specially designed for shredding operation and manufactured by WEIMA in Ilsfeld. Adjustable counter-knives make shredding particularly energy-efficient and minimize wear costs. In addition, the knife service life can be significantly extended.

      WEIMA wood shredder with air extraction system in England

      WEIMA WL 13 single-shaft shredder at Hutchings Timber in the UK


      Briquetting in summer - burning briquettes in winter

      Hutchings Timber's waste-to-energy system includes a wood-burning oven that heats production and sales areas. However, Hutchings Timber only needs heating energy during the colder winter months. The solution: Briquette in summer - heat with briquettes in winter.


      For large volumes – WEIMA TH 820 briquette press

      The shredded wood, as well as wood shavings and sawdust from production, are fed via the central extraction system into the externally installed chip silo with a capacity of 12 m³. A screw conveyor transports the shredded wood waste and the wood dust into the briquetting press from WEIMA.

      Air extraction by Fercell in England

      Air extraction system tower for wood dust and shavings from Fercell

      Briquetting press for wood waste at Hutchings Timber

      WEIMA TH 820 briquette press at Hutchings Timber


      With an extra-large hopper measuring 2,000 x 2,000 mm and a throughput capacity of up to 180 kilograms per hour, the WEIMA TH 820 briquetting press is ideal for large-volume production of briquettes . With its specially hardened press cylinder, the hydraulically precisely controlled press clamp ensures high-strength, round briquettes with a diameter of 80 mm - completely without the addition of adhesives or binders. This can reduce the volume of wood waste by up to 90 percent. The briquettes can then be stored in a space-saving manner until they are needed to generate heating energy.


      Impressive briquette calorific values

      The shredding and subsequent briquetting process gives briquettes a very high energy density. Thus, their calorific value in the wood stove is comparable to that of lignite. The new system at Hutchings Timber reduces wood waste volume and disposal costs, maximizes valuable storage space, and minimizes the risk of fire and explosion. In addition, the timber merchant heats its own premises in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner, or sells the briquettes that are not used for heating at a profit. Many good reasons for sustainable use of wood waste.



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      Bustadt 6-10

      74360 Ilsfeld


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      More than 37,000 machines sold worldwide! WEIMA has been manufacturing robust shredders and briquetting presses for the disposal and processing of all types of waste for more than four decades. Our machines include single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, cutting mills and briquette presses. The popular blood orange machines are used in the wood, plastics, paper, metal and waste-to-energy industries.

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