The brand-new WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder

The shredding specialist from Ilsfeld is presenting at this year's Ligna not only its complete range of shredders for wood and derived timber products, but also the newly developed WL 4, in order to be able to respond even more individually to user requirements in the future.

Sophisticated technology at the best price-performance ratio, a robust design and an extremely long service life describe the single-shaft shredder to the essentials. Like the entire series, the WL 4 is equipped with a hopper in log space design, which avoids material bridges for particularly large feed parts. With a working width of 600 mm, a rotor diameter of 252 mm and a drive power of 18.5 kW, wood waste of all kinds can be shredded without any problems. The shredding of the material is carried out between the rotor knives and the fixed counter-knife, which in the new edition of the WL 4 scores with its double applicability.

WL 4 single-shaft shredder

WL 4 single-shaft shredder

The frame of the machine was redesigned. An optimized welding process ensures higher dimensional and shape accuracy. The reinforcement of the side walls increases the stability of the very robust WL 4.

The single-shaft shredder is also interesting due to the chip tray that can be dismantled in series and the integrated installation aids for screen assembly. In order to protect the hydraulic unit from contamination, it is located in a welded-in oil sump and is easier to maintain thanks to the Plug & Play plug. A more even power transmission is ensured by the newly optimized drive train, which now only consists of 2 power belts.

In addition, the WL 4 presents itself with an improved cutting geometry. Revised broaching knives of 30 x 30 mm ensure perfect material throughput.

The topic of resource efficiency is also playing a major role this year. With the TH 714 briquetting press, all pressable wood materials such as hard and soft solid woods, chipboards, plywood, wood shavings, sawdust and even grinding dust are produced in high-strength briquettes with a diameter of 70 mm. It is specially designed for operations with throughputs of up to 160 kg/h.

C 150 Briquetting press

C 150 Briquetting press

Robust construction, low-maintenance technology, little space requirement: The machines of the C series are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses whose required throughput capacity does not exceed 80 kg/h or 400 kg/day. Virtually any suitable material such as wood, polystyrene, foam, paper or biomass can be briquetted. The requirement is a residual moisture content of less than 18 percent. All machines are available as left-hand or right-hand versions. Installation on a stable base frame ensures quick installation and makes mobile use possible.

The WEIMA TH 714 briquetting press as well as the compact series C 150 is equipped with new control technology. The new feature is an extremely powerful PLC control in combination with a sophisticated touch panel for optimum manual control of the manual override. The design of the user interface is service-friendly so that output information can be read out immediately, interactively and unambiguously.

You will find these and other WEIMA highlights at the LIGNA 2019: Hall 12, Stand D03 

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