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WEIMA gets requests for size reduction solutions from all over the world. Check out some of our installations in action and learn a bit more about the people and production lines behind these WEIMA machines.

Here you can find periodical news stories about people who are successfully using WEIMA shredders and briquette presses within their operations. Since the founding of our company in 1980, more than 40,000 machines have been sold. Just last year we sold over 1,300 application-specific machine solutions worldwide.

Do you have a machine of ours that is doing amazing things for your operation? We’d love to report on it here! Email us at for more info.

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high-density paper fine dust briquettes

Fighting fine dust

Tons of process-related fine dust are produced during the recycling of paper waste. Many companies are literally sitting on a powder keg of paper particles. Enava Limited from South Wales relies on WEIMA briquetting technology to minimize the risks of an explosion while protecting the health of its employees on site.

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Pulper Waste. Power. Profit.

A Turkish company, KMK Paper, becomes self-sufficient by converting its pulper waste from paper production into a fuel that provides energy for its own operations. The company lowers costs while reducing waste in the environment!

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All the taste, none of the waste

Producing paper products generates a lot of waste. In the classic recycling cycle, the production waste or surplus is shredded and then returned to the production process. The Munich start-up company easy2cool has a different but equally sustainable use for paper waste. Using a WEIMA WLK 1500 Shredder, revolutionary and sustainable insulating elements are made from corrugated cardboard packaging.

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Kernic Dust System installation

Dust problem? No problem.

Briquetting technology is an innovative, environmentally-friendly, safe way to control dust in any paper operation. Two paper companies are benefitting from this technology, and they chose WEIMA to help them make it happen.

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Shredder mit Papierabfall

Tissue Manufacturer Uses WEIMA Machinery to Utilize Waste and Increase Profits

This particular plant prides itself in being safe, profitable, and environmentally friendly. In order to reach these goals, a WEIMA…

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Shredder zwei Austragsförderbänder

Paper waste as far as the eye can see

When you enter the plant, you’ll immediately see an enormous, red WEIMA WLK 18 Jumbo. This machine is used to…

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