WNZ 200 / 800

Sturdy secondary shredder with 800 mm working width

Granulators, or cutting mills, are typically used as secondary shredders within a multi-stage recycling plant. The material has already been pre-shredded. Now it is to be granulated to the desired final size. The rotor speeds are therefore faster. A material ram is not required. All machines feature heavy-duty steel construction, easy maintenance access and high throughput rates. The most common applications include the secondary shredding of films, canisters, thin-walled pipes, profiles, bumpers, injection molding waste, or deep-drawn parts.

view inside weima wnz secondary shredder granulator
Operating principle of a WEIMA granulator
Feeding the material into the hopper
Size reduction between rotor and stationary knives (counter knives)
Definition of particle size via screen
Discharge of the granulated material via suction or screw auger
Feeding the material into the hopper
Size reduction between rotor and stationary knives (counter knives)
Definition of particle size via screen
Discharge of the granulated material via suction or screw auger

Perfect for two-stage material preparation

High-speed shredders of the WNZ series operate according to the granulator principle and are therefore ideal for two-stage processing in combination with a primary shredder (e.g. WLK 1000). Almost any type of plastic or wood
can be re-shredded. The multi-stage process proves to be particularly effective, quiet, and low in energy and wear.

two weima shredders in orange for pool cover recycling
plastipack production hall with weima shredding system for pool cover scrap
open noise reduction box of weima wnz granulator

At Plastipack Limited a WEIMA ZM shredder and a WNZ granulator shred pool covers for inhouse recycling

Robust, low-maintenance rotor bearings designed for use in cutting mills

The spherical roller bearings used for the bearings of the cutting mill rotor are arranged in steel pillow block housings located on the outside and separated from the grinding chamber. This has the advantage that no dust or material can leave the grinding or cutting chamber in an uncontrolled manner and damage the bearings. Both bearings can also be easily relubricated and are provided with grease outlets.

Universally suitable for many plastics applications

If you are looking for a flexible granulator solution, you will find it at WEIMA. With our machines you can granulate pre-shredded materials such as pipes, automotive parts, blow molding products such as PET bottles, PP/PE bottles, canisters, buckets, films, and other flexible materials. With a simple changeover, even start-up lumps or other thick-walled materials can be shredded. In all cases, you get a high-quality, homogeneous regranulate that meets the high requirements of a modern recycling plant.

Convenient filling and maintenance

via large, tiltable feed hopper
As a rule, WNZ machines function as secondary shredders of a two-stage shredding plant or recycling line. The particularly wide and high opening of the feed hopper facilitates filling of the machine. A lamella curtain serves as splash protection. The material can be fed manually or automatically by conveyor belt. For maintenance purposes, the entire hopper can be folded away via a tilting mechanism with safety limit switch, giving free access to the rotor.
Convenient filling and maintenance

Fast screen replacement for maintenance or material changes

The screen size defines the material size after granulation. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the material to be ground. If a screen must be removed for maintenance or changing material flows, this can be done easily by means of a threshold exchange mechanism.

Efficient material discharge via suction system or screw auger

As a standard feature, the side of the machine is equipped with a round suction port through which the granulated material can be extracted. If desired, a discharge solution by screw conveyor can also be implemented.


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