WL 4 – 8

The Classic

The WL 4, WL 6, WL 6 S, and WL 8 single-shaft shredders have proven themselves to be the classic shredders for wood waste of all kinds, and can be found in thousands of woodworking shops all over the world. The global popularity of this shredder series assures high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio. These machines set themselves apart from other machines of their size and type due to their robust construction, giving them a longer life cycle. The shredded wood can be discharged into an air conveyor or onto a traditional conveyor. The profiled innovative “V” Rotor is made of solid material and mounted on stable rotor bearings. Special blade holders are welded into milled blade pockets around its circumference. The cutting knives are set into these and screwed on from the back. This ensures quick and easy blade changing.


Intuitive operation thanks to Siemens PLC control with touch display

To ensure that the electronics are optimally matched to the machine, we design, build and wire our control cabinets ourselves. We only use high-quality components - for example from Siemens or Rittal. Intuitive touch interfaces guarantee quick adjustments. Functions such as setting the ram cycle or stop ensure a high throughput. The built-in overload protection also prevents defects in the machine.


Homogeneous shredding results thanks to flexible, interchangeable screen

There's a screen size to fit your needs. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the shredded material that is discharged. Screens can be exchanged flexibly and come bolted on as a standard.


Precise cut with high throughput with profiled V rotor

The V rotor, specially developed by WEIMA, can be used universally and is made of solid material. Its aggressive material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees high throughput with low power requirements. It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting knives in edge lengths of 30 mm and 40 mm. These can be turned over several times in case of wear, which drastically reduces maintenance costs.

A rotor and cutting knives within the WL4 hopper

A WEIMA rotor comes with rotatable cutting knives for maximizing throughput.


No material bridges due to free-cutting hopper design

The hopper fulfills several tasks at once. First, the material to be shredded is fed through it – manually, mechanically, or by conveyor belt. The generous opening makes it easy to fill even very large parts. A decisive factor for shredding, however, is its special design, which is rounded at the front and thus effectively prevents material bridging. Even with bulky parts, the shredder cuts itself free. If required, hopper extensions and lids with gas pressure springs are available.

A curved hopper prevents material from bridging.

A curved hopper prevents material from bridging.


The WEIMA gearbox (WAP)

WEIMA has developed and designed the WAP gearbox specifically for use in shredders. This design ensures maximum resistance to disturbances and optimum torque transmission.

WAP gearbox

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