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At this year’s K trade show in Düsseldorf, WEIMA will be exhibiting two new plastic shredders with single-shaft technology: the revised W5.18 universal machine and the WLK 1000 with innovative FineCut rotor for secondary shredding. In addition, there is another machine premiere in the field of compaction. With the new PUEHLER C.200 press, fine particles can be dewatered and compacted in a single step after the washing process.


WEIMA W5.18 Single-shaft shredder

Plastic shredders of the W5 Series are available with working width of 1,400, 1,800 and 2,200 mm, and are powered by hydraulic drive, High-Torque drive oder classic electromechanical drive. All of them have a rotor with a diameter of 500 mm, which is available in two versions. The V-rotor is suitable, for example, for large start-up lumps or hollow bodies. The F-rotor, on the other hand, is used for flexible materials such as films or fibers. The wide inspection flap provides direct access to the cutting chamber for maintenance purposes. The compact swing ram optimizes the shredding process. For highly contaminated material streams, WEIMA offers numerous options for wear and corrosion protection for the W5 series.

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WEIMA W5.18 single-shaft shredder for plastics applications

WEIMA WLK 1000 Single-shaft shredder

The advantages at a glance: compact footprint, hydraulically lowerable screen basket, many cutting geometries and equipment options, easy integration into production lines. The machine on display has an electromechanical drive with power belt including gearbox. The highlight is in the cutting chamber. A 1,000 mm FineCut rotor is installed there, making the shredder ideal for secondary shredding (up to 10 mm). The rotor operates according to the shear cut principle, combining the properties of a classic shredder with those of a granulator in a robust form.

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WEIMA WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder for plastic waste


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PUEHLER C.200 swarf press

With the new PUEHLER C.200 drainage press, WEIMA is presenting an economical compact machine that provides a remedy with solid, low maintenance technology. A hydraulic pusher cylinder compacts loose, wet plastic flakes into handy, almost dry compressed discs with a diameter of 200 mm. The pressed-out liquid is discharged separately via a drip tray. PUEHLER presses can be operated both as a stand-alone solution as well as integrated in a production line. The lower weight of the compressed discs contributes significantly to reducing disposal costs.

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Metal swarf and plastic turnings press PUEHLER C.200 from WEIMA

WEIMA PUEHLER C.200 press for swarf, turnings and shavings


WEIMA shredders are in demand worldwide. Learn more about the application and the people behind them:

In-house recycling of pool covers at Plastipak Limited in the UK:

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Shredding of production scrap at Plásticos Ojara in Colombia:

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orange WEIMA shredder with shredded plastic in big bag at plasticos ojara production hall

WEIMA WLK 4 single-shaft shredder for plastic scrap at Plasticos Ojara

Healix opening day with WEIMA shredder and conveying system

WEIMA shredder with conveyor belts and Healix

close up with of heavy duty orange red weima shredder and conveying system

WEIMA S7 lift-up shredder with discharge conveyor belt


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