WEIMA offers various drive systems for waste shredders

Company Ilsfeld, 26.03.2020

No two materials are the same. Whether industrial or municipal waste, bulky or household waste, production waste, rejects or paper, wood waste or carpet materials – WEIMA ensures the proper shredding of waste and optimal results in the extraction of valuable secondary raw materials. The recycling specialist from Ilsfeld relies on a variety of drive options for the processing of waste.

In the media and politics there is a great focus on sustainable use of resources as well as protection of the environment and the climate. The modern waste management and recycling sector makes an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and reusing raw materials. Recycling keeps materials in the economic cycle for longer and means that they can be used more efficiently. Non-recyclable materials can also be used to generate energy, for example as refused derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF). Depending on the calorific value and the fraction size, secondary fuels can be used in calciners in cement plants, fluidized bed combustion as well as in substitute fuel power plants. Consequently, the use of fossil fuels can be minimized.

The cornerstone of any recycling process is generally the size reduction of materials. That’s where industrial shredders come into play. With the PowerLine, PreCut and FineCute shredders, WEIMA demonstrates the potential of single and multi-stage waste processing.


WEIMA PowerLine 3000 shredder – for optimal processing of scrap as a substitute fuel

WEIMA PowerLine 3000 for IFAT 2020

WEIMA PowerLine 3000 single-shaft shredder

The PowerLine 3000, which is developed and manufactured in Germany, accepts all types of scrap including dirty materials from the post-consumer sector. The universally applicable industrial shredder has an 800 mm rotor diameter – with rotor lengths of 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 or 3,000 mm. A low loading edge means that the shredder can be easily filled with a gripper, wheel loader or conveyor belt. The upward extending swing arm and outward-opening, swiveling screen basket guarantee easy accessibility and safe maintenance at any time.

Depending on application, the flexible all-round machine can be equipped with a hydraulic or high-torque drive. It not only shreds commercial waste, industrial waste, bulky waste and household waste but also paper, plastic waste, wood scraps or carpet material. The PowerLine can be operated as a single or multi-stage system, and in multi-stage systems it is also suitable for the shredding of multiple material flows.

WEIMA PreCut 3000 single-shaft shredder

With the PreCut pre-shredders or the FineCut secondary shredders for smaller particle sizes, which are all available in rotor lengths from 1,500 to 3,000 mm, WEIMA covers the total range of waste processing services.


When you have a choice – the right drive for every application: Hydraulic, high-torque or electromechanical?


The hydraulic drive from Hägglunds/Bosch Rexroth is particularly suitable for the manufacture of substitute fuel as it has no classic gearbox that is subject to wear during impacts. This means that it is quicker to react and less sensitive to impurities. Stopping, starting, and reversing is also possible at any time, even under full load and the most difficult conditions. Rotational speed and torque can be adjusted quickly, uniformly and steplessly without creating power peaks or requiring a frequency converter. The robust drive is very efficient, with extremely high torques at low connected loads.

Alternatively, the PowerLine series by WEIMA can also be operated with an innovative high-torque drive from Baumüller. The high-torque, multipole synchronous motor is also made in Germany and features a low sensitivity to foreign objects. The fact that there is no gearbox means that it withstands impacts and vibrations, giving it a longer lifecycle even when shredding challenging material flows.

WEIMA FineCut 3000 single-shaft shredder

There is also a clutch between the rotor shaft and the drive that protects the motor from damage and can stop the rotor immediately if foreign objects enter the cutting chamber. A frequency inverter allows exact adjustment of the torque and rotational speed to achieve an optimal result regarding throughput and the quality of shredded material.

In addition to the options described above, WEIMA also offers a conventional electromechanical drive, which is used, for example, in the FineCut series and the smaller WL or WLK machines. This reliable drive option is extremely low maintenance and low wear. A safety clutch protects the shredder from impurities and major damage.

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