View inside PUEHLER drainage press during pressing of PET bottles

drinktec 2022

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Rejects accumulate in various forms and quantities during beverage filling. WEIMA will be presenting disposal solutions for all types of packaging at drinktec 2022. The three PUEHLER presses on display cover the entire spectrum for the economical draining and compressing of cans, PET bottles, TetraPaks, pouches and even labels.

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PUEHLER G.200 Recycling drainage press

With the PUEHLER G.200 Recycling from WEIMA you receive a modern high-performance press for the draining and subsequent compressing of food, beverage and detergent packaging and containers. The drainage unit presses up to 6 m³ of material per hour with a degree of pressing of up to 99% into handy 200 mm diameter discs. These then only have a residual moisture of 3-30%. This is ideal for further processing in downstream recycling processes.

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PUEHLER E.200 packaging press

The PUEHLER E.200 is your economical introduction to draining and compacting technology. It produces pellets with 200 mm diameter.The material is fed manually through the curved feed hopper. The pressed out liquid or paste is collected in a collecting trough and can be drained by a separate pump. WEIMA drainage presses allow you to open filled disposable packaging, separate the contents and press the packaging in a single operation, e.g. PET packaging, beverage cans, spray cans, milk cartons and much more.

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PUEHLER A.300 label press

Our hydraulic drainage presses dispose of old labels in bottling facilities efficiently and economically. The PUEHLER A.300 produces pressed labels with an output diameter of 300 mm. Discharged labels are first picked up by the label press, then pressed and finally transported drip-free into a container.

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Drainage presses in action

PUEHLER presses are in demand worldwide. Learn more about the applications and the people behind them:

Drainage of beer cans at Fiddlehead Brewery:
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ReWork of milk cartons at Emmi dairy:
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The aluminum cans are pressed into discs with a diameter of 200 mm

Aluminum can pressed disc with 200 mm diameter

The Fiddlehead canning line for beer cans is attached to the PUEHLER can press for recycling

Canning line at Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Pressing machine for rework at Emmi in Switzerland

WEIM PUEHLER G.300 ReWork press

Rejected beer cans are pushed into the hopper of the PUEHLER E.200 drainage press automatically

Rejects are automatically ejected into the hopper, but can also be hand-fed

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