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      C 140

      Robust, compact, and low-maintenance

      The C-Series machines are ideal for small and middle-sized operations whose average production volume averages 50-80 kg/hour, or about 200-400 kg/day. Briquetting can be practical for materials like wood, expanded polystyrene, styrofoam, paper, or biomass. All the machines in this line can be configured to discharge to the left or the right, depending on the needs of your operation. The assembly of the base frame makes installation quick and also makes it possible to install as a mobile machine.


      Pressing power

      A C 150 briquette press condenses MDF dust into firm briquettes without the use of a binding agent or glue.


      Hydraulic briquetting

      Hydrauliktank Brikettierpresse mit Pressdruckanzeige
      Zahnrad Brikettlänge Überwachung

      Briquette length overview


      The classic: paper briquettes

      Paper dust briquettes (with a 50mm diameter) are formed using a C 150 briquette press.


      We produce our control panels in-house!

      Schaltschrank Ansicht WEIMA
      Pressraumverschleissbuchse C Serie WEIMA

      Pressing chamber sleeve


      Biomass briquetting

      With the help of a hydraulic briquette press, shredded straw and corn husks are converted into dense briquettes.

      Technical data

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      • Output diameter (mm)
      • Throughput rate (kg/h)
      • Hydraulic motor (kW)
      • Hydraulic oil charge (l)
      • Weight (approx. kg)
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