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Fort Mill, 01.22.2021

While the rest of the world seemed to slow down in 2020, manufacturers worldwide were ramping up production. WEIMA saw an increase in demand for in-stock machinery and chose to expand the North American campus to meet that need.

The demand for safe and automated scrap handling during the pandemic has prompted WEIMA to add to its in-stock machinery selection. The size reduction machinery manufacturer has been open consistently since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure WEIMA customers had the support they needed during this critical production time. In-stock machinery decreases lead times for customers who need machinery quickly.

Where there is manufacturing, there will be production scrap. Increased production left current WEIMA customers with more scrap than they typically created, requiring new size reduction lines to be added across the country. Managing these waste streams became increasingly difficult in the age of social distancing, so adding size reduction machines where waste is produced, rather than a central machine, kept employees from congregating unnecessarily

Put simply: the WEIMA team was working hard because WEIMA customers were working hard.

A decade of consistent growth

This is one of many campus expansions that WEIMA America has seen over the last decade. In 2017, the headquarters purchased the neighboring building and In 2017, WEIMA purchased the building next door to its original facility, more than doubling its footprint. This building was renovated to house the technical service and parts departments, as well as the company bistro which would typically be used for company gatherings and meals. This addition also allowed the company to add new staff in some key roles: after sales customer support, purchasing, warehouse management, and project management among others.

an office hallway with doors on either side

WEIMA America's technical department

In 2018 the parts department was remodeled and expanded to 6,000 square feet. This project allowed more space for standard parts to be stocked in greater numbers, making the company more secure in times of port closures, which can lengthen the wait time on wear parts. Stocking them domestically solved that problem in a real way. Later that year, a third building was added to store machinery that is staged and ready to be loaded and shipped.

new wear parts stacked in a warehouse

The WEIMA parts department is well-stocked.

“The addition of buildings is a visual representation of the momentum we're seeing right now in the US market. We want to continue to be available for our customers, and we really believe in what we do. That motivates us, especially in important times like these.”

Audrey Brewer, North American Marketing Manager

To keep lead times on machinery as short as possible, WEIMA America is adding a fourth building to their campus. This campus expansion will increase storage capacity of in-stock machinery for quicker turnaround time for customers. It will also allow more space on the production floor for the refurbishing, customization, and assembly of new shredders, briquette presses, and compressing units.

WEIMA anticipates the new addition will be completed by the end of the first quarter in 2021.

WEIMA machinery is staged in a warehouse and is ready to ship.

WEIMA machinery is staged to ship.

Additional Information

More than 35,000 machines sold worldwide! WEIMA has been manufacturing robust shredders and briquetting presses for the disposal and processing of all types of waste for more than four decades. Our machines include single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, cutting mills and briquette presses. The popular blood orange machines are used in the wood, plastics, paper, metal and waste-to-energy industries.

Made in Germany. Built for the world.

Shredders and briquette presses from WEIMA are exclusively made in Germany and come from production plants in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Every year, more than 300 employees work on around 1,200 customer solutions from around the globe. We have long-standing sales and service locations in the USA, Poland, India and China. More than 80 representatives supplement this global presence.

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