WEIMA’s North American HQ Expands Parts Department

WEIMA America's North American headquarters has been located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, since the beginning of the company in 1999. The recent market growth-- and the ever-increasing demand for environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes-- has created a need for the on-site parts department to expand.


WEIMA America expanded its headquarters into an adjacent building in 2017, allowing the size reduction manufacturer to create a designated warehouse space for spare parts. Lead times on in-stock wear parts have been reduced as a result of this move. WEIMA did this with the customer in mind, decreasing the turn-around time for repairs and preventative maintenance. The 6,000 square foot parts department is fully stocked with spare screens, knives, counter knives, belts, drive components, and electrical components among other things.

“It’s just like maintaining a car. You have to get new tires and regular oil changes to keep it running smoothly,” said John Pahl, Parts Specialist for WEIMA America. “That’s exactly what we do here, but for size reduction machinery. From spare knives to belts to electrical components, we have all of these parts here and ready to ship. We want to make sure our customers have what they need for their machines so that their businesses are running efficiently as well.”

Preventative maintenance should be conducted regularly on any shredder or briquette press, although the time between can vary based on hours of use and application material. Not sure how often you should rotate knives, etc? WEIMA has a full service team on-site that can work with you to put together a preventative maintenance routine that makes sense for your operation and helps keep your production line moving. Proper, routine upkeep of a machine can extend the life of a WEIMA shredder or a briquette press.

To request more information about parts or service, check out WEIMA’s service portal.

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