25 years of company service are duly honored at the annual Christmas party.

What an extraordinary location. The rustic wooden hut in the middle of the Tripsdrill Adventure Park provided the ideal setting for the traditional WEIMA Christmas party and made the event something very special.

And thus, also the ideal occasion to review the past year, to celebrate the successes of the WEIMA team and to give an outlook on the coming year.

An exciting year 2018 is drawing to a close. WEIMA’s Managing Director Martin Friz stresses that there are many reasons to celebrate. The development of our company in all areas was simply enormous, whether it was the production expansion in Ilsfeld or the expansion in the branches in the USA and China. 2018 not only saw record months and positive profit and sales developments. “We are also entering the coming year with the largest order volume in WEIMA’s history”. WEIMA is growing in a healthy, stable and future-oriented way. Our number of employees has risen to over 250 – which makes us very proud.

25 Years of WEIMA - Honoring the Jubilees

25 Years of WEIMA – Honoring the Jubilees

However, the highlight of the Christmas party was the honoring of the jubilees. Almost a whole working life long – this special moment, the loyalty, the high regard and the loyalty of many years was due to the 5 employees, who have helped to shape WEIMA in the last 25 years and made it a strong company. Many things are not possible without the support of a long-standing employee base. A huge thank you goes to all of them.

The presentation of the anniversary gifts provided a magical moment – it had to be massive and robust. And it was. A silver bar framed in wood with an engraved dedication in a black stainless-steel plate completes the present.

The following were honored:

Jörg Töpfer – Head of Sales / Service

Erika Schanzel – Sales Office

Marliese Merkle – Construction

Steffen Auerswald – Project Management

Claudia Rudolph – Shipping / Logistics

The delicious buffet, good conversations and the relaxed atmosphere, also accompanied by the accordion player’s music, rounded off the eventful evening.

We would like to thank all employees of the WEIMA Group and look forward to a great and successful year 2019.

WEIMAs Christmas party

WEIMAs Christmas party

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