The imposing Powerline 3000 received a terrific response at the IFAT 2018.

Highly satisfied faces, interesting conversations, scores of visitors—that's how the days at the fair can be summarised in a few words.

From May 14 to 18, 2018, the world’s largest environmental technology fair, IFAT, once again became a magnet for an interested international trade audience. More than 141,000 visitors from over 160 countries – the numbers speak for themselves. And it once again underlines IFAT’s importance for products and innovations in the environmental sector.

IFAT 2018

WEIMA introduces the PowerLine 3000

WEIMA returned from the fair with a highly favourable report. It clearly exceeded our expectations.

Successful conversations, and the high number of enquiries and sales deals they led to, as well as the interesting contacts we were able to make are outstanding outcomes of the days we spent at the fair.

The presentation of Powerline 3000, one of the largest and most powerful shredders that WEIMA—the machine manufacturer from Ilsfeld, Germany—produces, was the eyecatcher at the trade fair.

Industry professionals had the opportunity to get information about two drive variants—the hydraulic drive and the torque drive.

Powerline 3000

Perfect accessibility of the PowerLine 3000

A special feature of the Powerline 3000 is its well-thought-out design. The rocker and the multi-part pivoting perforated basket that opens outwards can be extended up and out of the machine frame. This makes accessibility simpler in the most optimum way and the machine safer and easier to maintain.

PowerLine 3000 rotor

PowerLine 3000 rotor

Attendees and prospects were impressed by the fact that Powerline 3000 could process almost any kind of waste. After sorting out substances that are not suitable for RDF, the pre-shredded material can be perfectly processed in the secondary shredding step, ensuring the optimal extraction of valuable secondary raw materials.

The Powerline rotor ensures an extremely high throughput rate and is designed for the toughest requirements. Industry professionals were also impressed by the low energy and maintenance costs.

In order to achieve a more aggressive material intake, WEIMA has concentrated primarily on the counter knives, which are mounted at an angle. This way an optimal cutting gap is created in a short time.

IFAT 2018

The days at the fair flew by, leaving us with so many positive impressions.

In short—the IFAT 2018 was a complete success. And we are proud to have presented state-of-the-art shredding technology to the visitors.

We thank all our customers, prospects and all those who evinced interest in our products from around the world for visiting us.

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