Sophisticated lighting concepts combined with energy-saving photovoltaic systems – perfect mix for perfect working.

Light reinterpreted! Perception, well-being and positive effects belong thematically together. We have taken these three pillars for the development of the new lighting concept, while keeping an eye on the emotional and original needs of our employees and adapting them optimally. It is well known that ideal lighting has an impact on motivation, concentration and job satisfaction.

In the field of warehouse lighting, we have used the topic of linear LED hanging lights. Harmonious illuminance is created by defining the luminaire arrangement that runs through the entire room. This creates optimum visual conditions for all trades, machines and materials. Uniform illumination is largely shadow-free.

LED lighting

LED glare-free lighting

The sufficient and glare-free homogeneous light of the luminaires provides optimum requirements for ergonomic working. It is important to us to constantly improve the quality and safety of our work – rather to increase it to the optimum. As a result of the wide light emission, glare control and low energy level, an efficient lighting solution is created.

However, the sophisticated lighting concept also scores with the daylight-oriented light colour and temperature which, over a large area from the ceiling, considers to the condition of the room, the colour design of the walls and the machines and emphasizes the clear lines of the warehouse.

LED efficient lighting

LED efficient lighting

High-power LED panels recessed in the ceiling ensure homogeneous distribution of workplace lighting in the adjacent offices, in addition to sunlight.

The mixture of seen and felt light creates an intelligent and sustainable overall composition that optimally complies with the DIN standards for halls and office lighting.

Sustainability is a major issue for us not only with regard to LED lamps, which have a long service life and low energy consumption. We also rely on photovoltaic systems that enable a noticeable and careful treatment of the environment.

perfect workplace lighting

Perfect workplace lighting

lighting shadow free

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