Generating energy from wood waste

Company Ilsfeld, 24.01.2020

WEIMA is pleased to exhibit at Holz-Handwerk 2020, the German trade show for machine technology, equipment and supplies for wood crafts in Nuremberg. The shredding specialist from Ilsfeld will be presenting its broad product portfolio including technical machine updates. The focus at this show will be on the efficient use of shredders and briquette presses for the processing and recycling of wood materials of all kinds for heat generation.

Our natural resources are decreasing fast, and alternative solutions are now in greater demand than ever before. Innumerable companies want and need to work more responsibly with energy sources in the future. In the wood industry, the idea of sustainable waste management has been an important part of the production process for many years. Everyone knows that wood waste is a valuable secondary material that takes up a lot of storage space if unused. The solution to optimum use or disposal lies is shredding and briquetting. That can be done particularly easily and efficiently with the powerful machines from WEIMA. 


The classic shredder:
WEIMA WL 4 – sturdy and low-maintenance design


At the Holz-Handwerk 2020, held from the 18th to the 21st of March, WEIMA will have its shredders and briquette presses on display in a 100 square meter booth. One of these machines is the tried and true WL 4 single-shaft shredder. This shredder model is already in successful operation in thousands of small and medium-sized companies worldwide. This machine boasts a working width of 600 mm, a rotor diameter of 252 mm with two rows of cutting knives, segmented floor guide and up to 18.5 kW drive power. This ensures that wood waste of all kinds can be easily shredded, whether it’s hardwood, softwood, plywood, used waste wood or OSB and MDF residuals.


WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder for Holz-Handwerk 2020

WEIMA WL 4 single-shaft shredder

More space for large volumes:
WEIMA WL 1500: High throughput for universal use


The WL 1500 single-shaft shredder wins best-all-around in the WEIMA product range. It has a working width of 1,500 mm, a rotor diameter of 370 mm and up to 90 kW drive power. This wood shredder thus guarantees high throughput as well as flexibility in day-to-day use.

A particular visual highlight is the logspacer hopper. Its innovative design not only increases the filling volume, but also effectively prevents the formation of material build-up or bridging. Depending on the material that’s being shredded, the shredder can be equipped with a V or F rotor for most efficient size reduction.

The WL 1500 also has a conveyor belt section that simplifies the discharge of the shredded wood. The machine can be employed as a stand-alone solution or as part of a production line.

WEIMA WL 1500 single-shaft shredder for Holz-Handwerk 2020

WEIMA WL 1500 single-shaft shredder

The shredder range is completed by the WEIMA WL 8 single-shaft shredder. By comparison with the smaller WL 4, it has a working width of 1,000 mm. The rotor diameter is identical at 252 mm. Both models can be equipped with a 10-40 mm screen that ultimately defines the size of the wood chips. With 22 kW drive power, the WL 8 is particularly strong and efficiently shreds all kinds of wood.


Neutral carbon footprint | high calorific values | reduced volume – the benefits of briquetting


WEIMA plans to introduce its visitors to the subject of briquetting under the motto “Waste in Perfect Shape”. Thanks to the C 150 briquette press with gripper technology, all compressible materials such as wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust or sanding dust can be pressed into dimensionally stable briquettes without the use of a binding material like glue or resin. A residual humidity of below 18 percent is all that is necessary. A reduction in volume of up to 90% can be achieved in this way.

The compact C series machines are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies requiring throughput rates no higher than 50-80 kg/h. All machines are available as left-hand or right-hand variants, making it easier to incorporate them into any operation’s warehouse footprint.

WEIMA C 150 briquette press

WEIMA C 150 briquette press

Valuable waste can thus be transformed into briquettes of various diameters that can then be inexpensively converted into heating energy in-house or sold for a profit.

As the calorific value of the wood briquettes is almost as high as that of lignite, the use of waste wood for heat generation offers an attractive environmental and cost-saving alternative to fossil fuels. That is of particular interest for the furniture industry, sawmills, planing mills, joineries and carpentry workshops.


For industrial demands:
WEIMA TH 1500 briquette press with die technology


The flagship of the WEIMA briquette presses compacts wood wastes on an industrial level. The briquette thus produced is extremely dimensionally stable and is ejected alternately on both sides. The axial piston pump of the hydraulic system is driven by a 30 kW motor and can produce up to nine briquettes with 150 x 60 mm edge length per minute. The throughput in kg is determined by the specific density of the material.

The TH 1500 is equipped with a compact hopper that is ideal for continuous feeding. Alternatively, a container measuring 1,400 x 1,400 mm can be installed, on request, as an ideal intermediate storage facility. The sequences of movements of the cylinders and dies are monitored and controlled with a stroke measurement system via a Siemens control unit with touch panel.

WEIMA TH 1500 briquette press

WEIMA TH 1500 briquette press

WEIMA will be presenting these and further trade fair highlights, including the WEIMA ZM 30 four-shaft shredder, in the spring in hall 9, booth 114.

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More than 35,000 machines sold worldwide! WEIMA has been manufacturing robust shredders and briquetting presses for the disposal and processing of all types of waste for more than four decades. Our machines include single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, cutting mills and briquette presses. The popular blood orange machines are used in the wood, plastics, paper, metal and waste-to-energy industries.

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Shredders and briquette presses from WEIMA are exclusively made in Germany and come from production plants in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Every year, more than 300 employees work on around 1,200 customer solutions from around the globe. We have long-standing sales and service locations in the USA, Poland, India and China. More than 80 representatives supplement this global presence.

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