WEIMA at AMB 2022

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Hall 8 | booth D58

When processing metal, waste is inevitable. Milling and sawing chips are omnipresent in companies and are a valuable raw material – which in many cases remains unused and takes up a lot of storage space. In addition, expensive coolants and lubricants usually stick to the metal waste and seem lost. At the International Exhibition for Metal Working AMB, WEIMA shows basic process steps on the way to the efficient recycling of metal waste.

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WEIMA ZM 30 Four-shaft shredder

The proven shredder with four shafts mounted in parallel is designed for medium throughput volumes. With a generous hopper, two cutting and two clearing shafts, and a screen insert that can be individually adapted to your application, the shredders in this series reduce your waste materials to homogeneous particle sizes – whether as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multi-stage system.

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WEIMA TH 600 M Brikettierpresse

The WEIMA TH 600 M briquette press was designed specifically with metal applications in mind. This machine allows for the briquetting of all types of metal shavings, chips, and turnings. Briquetting these materials into dense briquettes adds significantly to their resale value. Not only that, but this machine makes it possible to recollect valuable cutting fluids and emulsions for reuse. A tray and pump is located below the machine to make the collection of these liquids possible.

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PUEHLER C.200 Spänepresse

Hydraulic drainage presses are a clean, sustainable and economical solution to professionally dry, dispose of or resell shavings that are produced during machining. The PUEHLER C.200 produces discs with a diameter of 200 mm – completely without a failure-prone auger. Chips, which are produced during turning, milling, drilling or other machining operations, are pressed and then transported further into a container with low dripping. The pressed-out cooling lubricants, emulsions or oils can then be returned to the processing machine.

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