Wood pellets from timber scraps at Kloboucká lesní

Success Stories 22. May 2023

Sustainable forestry is exemplary practiced in Brumov-Bylnice, Czech Republic. During the production of glued laminated timber, larger quantities of residual wood are regularly generated, which are first pre-shredded to a homogeneous chip size using a WEIMA WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder. Subsequently, Kloboucká lesní produces high-quality pellets for heat generation, which they distribute themselves – an additional income source that is also sustainable for the environment.


Since its founding in East Moravia in 1998, Kloboucká lesní s.r.o. has been combining traditional woodworking methods with new technology and possibilities. The company has been committed to sustainable logging and processing of wood for over two decades. To this end, the use of environmentally friendly production methods is preferred.

A stack of glued laminated timber held together by a conveyor belt"

Glued laminated timber from the production of Kloboucká lesní

WLK 1500
90 kW

In collaboration with WEIMA dealer Expimex, a WEIMA WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder was recently installed. The powerful shredder is equipped with a 90 kW motor and efficiently shreds residual wood from production on a width of 1,500 mm. Filling is done via a conveyor belt directly connected to production. Large volumes of wood waste can also be added to a vibrating feeder table using a front loader.

An orange WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder at Kloboucká lesní in the Czech Republic

WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder at Kloboucká lesní in the Czech Republic

A piece of wood on a pile of wood chips

Wood waste before and after the shredding process

A man standing in front of a WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder

Jiří Korec – Technical Developer at Kloboucká lesní, in front of the WEIMA WLK 1500 shredder

green conveyor belt with wood chips

Conveyor belt with wood chips

3 pieces of wood on a conveyor belt

Waste from production on the conveyor belt


Visiting Kloboucká lesní


The produced wood chips are further processed within the company and compressed into wood pellets. This ensures that production waste is put to a meaningful use and can be sold. Kloboucká lesní s.r.o. demonstrates how companies can make their processes and resource usage sustainable and environmentally friendly with the help of WEIMA.

Stacked sacks of wood pellets

Wood pellets from wood chips

A single bag of wood pellets lying on a conveyor belt

Sale-ready wood pellets – conveniently packaged

a stack of wood pellets sacks besides a conveyor belt

Stack of wood pellet sacks



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