High-performance granulator

The WNZ granulators are ideal for integration into a two-stage shredding system in conjunction with a pre-shredder (like one from the WLK-Series.) These machines granulate the material into particle sizes of 3 to 12 mm, with a potential throughput of up to 2,500 kg/hour. Almost every type of plastic can be taken down to this size—pipes, automotive pieces, blow-molded materials (PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, containers, buckets) as well as flexible materials like film. The machines are effective while reducing energy costs, controlling excess noise, and minimizing wear. The ability to customize these machines makes it possible to optimally process your specific application.


Two-stage shredding

A WEIMA WLK 4 single-shaft shredder and a WNZ 200/600 granulator shred and granulate plastics and carpet from the automotive industry.


WNZ screen


WNZ hopper


Cutting knives


Rotor bearings

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